Environmentally-friendly, Wash and Wear Absorbent Underwear

Environmentally-friendly, Wash and Wear Absorbent Underwear

Absorbent, washable underwear - your alternative to disposables

Wearever Canada's washable absorbent underwear are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternatives to disposable products, and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for women

Offering men's and and women's styles, these washable, absorbent underwear range from slight to moderate absorbency - all the way up to 20 oz. - these products offering an appealing option to disposable underwear.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for men

My mother absolutely refuses to wear disposable underwear, even though she has growing incontinence! She doesn't want to feel "old" she says, but we have a real problem to deal with.

I am embarrassed to take her anywhere and even at home, I am running around putting towels on the chairs. She's angry and so am I. What  are we going to do?

A few years ago, there would not have been much of an answer for our customer's problem, but the world of incontinence products has advanced rapidly with research and technology.

It also helps that so many more people are using them and demanding improvements.

For example, there is widespread concern about the use of toxic substances in fabrics used next to the skin because of the negative and sometimes long-term effects on health.

My Liberty sells bed pads, mattress protectors and absorbent underwear that are free of toxic chemicals and fragrances. 

PeapodMats washable bed wetting mats

How do I choose?

My Liberty always counsels first about the size of the need! The formula is straight forward: a full adult bladder void is about 1 cup of fluid or 8 oz. We offer washable underwear that holds from 3 to 20 oz. over the course of a day.

Next, understand that manufacturers use different language to describe the capacity of their products. What's "moderate protection" to some is "heavy protection" to others.

Total capacity rating scale from My LibertyTo help you sort it out, we’ve developed a standardized Total Capacity Rating system that we use across all brands and incontinence products we sell. At a glance, our rating shows a product’s ability to absorb and hold bladder and bowel leakage.

Think about volume over time

Are you looking for protection from drips and dribbles over several hours or frequent leaks within a few hours?

If drips and dribbles only, have a look at My Liberty's Slight (up to 8 oz) to Light (up to 16 oz) capacity options.

If frequent leaks, look at our Light (up to 16 oz) to Moderate capacity options (up to 24 oz).

Size matters!

Women's sizes are based on their hip measurements. By contrast, Men's sizes are based on their waist measurements.


Don't be disappointed with products you cannot return. Be sure. Measure first.

Can't find your size? Wearever Canada offers special orders. Check your favourites for extra options up to size 10X.

Slight capacity - absorbs 3 oz. to 5 oz.

For women,there are several choices in both lines that are very discreet. No one would ever know that you are wearing them solo (without a disposable pad) and still absorbing little bladder leaks during exercise class, a run, a bike ride or throughout the day.

Have a look at the Wearever Women's Underwear Light Absorbency, both in hip-hugging styles with a range of slight absorbency and a bit of stretch.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for women - 5oz absorbency

If it's lace you want - check out the Wearever Women's Regular Absorbency panties with a full stretch lace panel. It has a built in absorbent pad and a waterproof outer layer. Soft, silky and with a stretchy lace band.

Wearever women's washable underwear

 For men, Wearever Canada's built-in antimicrobial and waterproof padding offers you Boxer Briefs with a fully functional fly which absorb up to 5 oz. These are made of soft, comfortably poly/jersey and fit up to a 48" waist.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for men 

Light absorbency up to 12 oz.

If you are concerned with larger absorbency, see the Wearever Women's Moderate and Maximum absorbent panties.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for women

These have built-in antimicrobial pads with waterproofing. You will feel immediately confident that both of these soft and comfortable options could replace your disposable underwear today.




For men, Wearever brings you confidence of staying dry all day. 

Wearever men's washable underwear The Moderate Wearever Men's Briefs in soft poly/jersey can take up to 10 oz of fluid, putting them close to the same level as the Conni briefs.

All of these choices can replace most daytime disposables for bladder incontinence.

Maximum absorbency up to 20 oz.

Finally, Wearever Canada brings the highest level of absorbency in its Maximum Briefs on the washable market - up to 20 oz.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for men

 All great new absorbent underwear options!  

Wearever Canada - wash and wear up to 200 times, saving you money and the environment.

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