Free Shipping for Adult Incontinence Diapers, Underwear and Pads

Free Shipping for Adult Incontinence Diapers, Underwear and Pads

Are you looking for high quality incontinence products to fit your budget?

Free Shipping with purchase of 2 Attends  incontinence products*

Includes Attends disposable underwear, adult diapers, pads and wipes

If you have tried to save money in the past on disposable underwear or diapers - you may have had bad experiences with leakage, smells, infections or rashes.

My Liberty has been trying to solve these problems for our customers while respecting the need to keep spending down. Our answer? We partnered with Attends to bring you health, dignity, comfort and FREE SHIPPING!

Buy 2 cases of Attends products at once and get free shipping

Care, Comfort and Confidence from Attends Incontinence Products

MyLiberty.Life Total Capacity Rating Guide ensures protection that’s right for you
The Attends family of products is built on the underlying commitment to care, comfort and confidence. Every new product and innovation upholds these ideals.


Throughout its product and technology innovations, Attends strives to ensure that no matter the level of incontinence, our users and caregivers feel cared for, comfortable in and confident that Attends products will meet their needs — at all times.

Attends are already popular with My Liberty customers - especially for small sized children and teens. The pull ups and diapers have advanced absorbent cores that lock in wetness for the ultimate dryness and comfort.

With the positive feedback, we've expanded our Attends offerings to include a full ranges of sizes in disposable underwear, adult diapers, as well as underwear shields and guards for male bladder leak and washcloths and wipes.

As always, we've rated the Attends we carry on total absorbency scale so you can more easily compare options. 

Light Capacity: absorbency rated 2 out of 6

Absorbs up to 16 ounces, 2 cups or 474ml

Attends disposable Underwear and Briefs (adult diapers) for daytime are designed with a soft breathable zones to helps promote skin wellness. Offering excellent value, Attends ConfidenceCuff protection helps prevent leaks around the legs, and the super absorbent core helps pull wetness away from the skin to keep you dry.

Attends Underwear in Small to Bariatric, and Attends Briefs:

Attends Underwear, Attends Bariatric Underwear & Attends Briefs - Light Absorbency

Buy and 2 two cases of Attends and for a limited time - get FREE SHIPPING

Moderate Capacity: absorbency rated 3 out of 6 

Absorbs up to 24 ounces, 3 cups or 710ml

Consider attends Advanced line of disposable underwear with its breathable waistband or, Attends Advanced adult diapers with 100% breathability. Now, you can have same level care and comfort and free shipping when you buy 2 cases  of either at a time.

Attends Advance Underwear, Advanced or Stretch Adult Diapers from Extra-Small through XL:Attends Advanced Underwear, Attends Briefs XS_Youth, Attends Advanced Briefs & Attends Stretch Briefs with Moderate absorbency

As well as the standard sizes, Attends Briefs are available in Extra-Small / Youth and in Stretch, with stretchable breathable side panels for a comfortable fit.

Buy and 2 two cases of Attends and for a limited time - get FREE SHIPPING

Heavy Capacity: absorbency rated 4 out of 6 

Absorbs up to 30 ounces, 3.75 cups or 887ml

Designed for particular needs of men vs women (higher absorption in the front vs middle), have a look at Attends Discreet for Women or Attends Discreet for Men. Made from a soft, cloth-like breathable fabric and full-belly elastic waistband for a comfortable, contoured fit.

Attends Overnight Underwear feature a super absorbent core offering dryness over an extended period of time, day or night.

Attends Overnight, Discreet Disposable Underwear for Women or For Men:

Attends Discreet Underwear for Women or Men, Attends Overnight Underwear - Heavy absorbency

Buy and 2 two cases of Attends and for a limited time - get FREE SHIPPING

Maximum Capacity: absorbency rated 5 out of 6 

Absorbs up to 34 ounces, 4.25 cups or 1 litre

Attends Premier Overnight Protection Disposable Incontinence Underwear or Briefs (adult diapers) offer overnight protection, high-rise, full-fit protection and ultra-plush design fits comfortably in all the right areas. Odour control provides added confidence 

Attends Premier Overnight Protection Disposable Incontinence Underwear and Briefs:

Attends Premier Underwear and Briefs - Maximum absorbency

Just for Kids Sizes

Comfees Premium Dri-Nite Juniors Youth Pants fits kids from 38-125 lbs. As kids grow, Attends has you covered offering sizing starting from 20" waist/hip. Attends offers disposable underwear and briefs in Extra Small and Youth Sizing:

Attends Briefs in XS-Youth or Small, Comfees for older kids in SM or LXL and Attends Underwear in Youth-Small

Buy and 2 two cases of Attends and for a limited time - get FREE SHIPPING

Just for Men

Attends disposable Men's shields or guards have a cup shaped design allows for a comfortable fit for use in your own briefs or boxer briefs, while the full length adhesive keeps it in place.

Soft, foam leg cuff to help protect against leaks out the side, and a soft topsheet ensures a comfortable experience while wearing.

Looking for more protection? Consider Attends Discreet disposable underwear for Men:

Attends Just for Men: underwear Shields, Guards and disposable underwear 

Buy and 2 two cases of Attends and for a limited time - get FREE SHIPPING

*Limited time offer - discount applied at checkout.

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