Has your prostate-related incontinence sentenced you to house arrest?

Has your prostate-related incontinence sentenced you to house arrest?


One word, one question: Why?

If you are undergoing surgery or treatment for prostate cancer, you are likely to experience bladder-control issues. That’s a fact.

And I know what you’re thinking. Once incontinence shows up, you can kiss the social life goodbye, right? Who wants to visit friends, go to the game or even go out for dinner if there's a chance that urine or bowel leak could ruin everything?

You needn’t worry. Really.

There are excellent men's products on the market—lots of them—designed to help with urine or bowel leakage. Their effectiveness and even comfort—yes, we said comfort—will astound you.

MyLiberty.Life carries only those products— pads, shields, guardsbriefs (adult diapers) and underwear—recommended by our experts. We know they are the most effective men's products on the market today.

As just one example, our Tranquility line offers unsurpassed overall performance in skin dryness, odour reduction, urine pH neutralization and the inhibition of bacterial growth. These products are good for your skin and your dignity.

Our Conni underwear liners, as another example, are designed to absorb and protect quietly (none of that sh-sh-sh as you walk) and discreetly—they are among the slimmest and most inconspicuous liners you’ll find anywhere.

And things are getting better all the time thanks to good research and assistance from organizations such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation BC (PCFBC).

At MyLiberty.Life, we are proud to support PCFBC. Simply use the promotional code “PCFBC” and, with every sale, we will make a cash contribution equal to 5% of the purchase price to this most important organization. 

Yes, go ahead and use it right now!

You can be active—even with incontinence

Don’t wait another minute. Check out our line-up of Prostate Care Products for Men today.


At MyLiberty.Life, all products are shipped to your door in discreet, plain packaging. Incontinence is our business and it may be your business, too, but it is certainly not your neighbour’s business.

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  • Cindy Clegg
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