The Best Washable Absorbent Underwear for Active Women

The Best Washable Absorbent Underwear for Active Women

It seems everyone is doing it these days

Women of all ages, sizes, and shapes have bladder leaks. It's one of the life badges we get from child-birth, exercise, menopause, overweight, lifting...and the list goes on. 

One of every two women who have been pregnant and given birth will have some kind of prolapse - which may cause incontinence or an overactive bladder.

While we can't fix this for you, our Wearever Canada or Conni women's washable underwear go a long way to keeping you comfortable and dry while supporting the environment.

Conni and Wearever Canada Women's washable absorbent underwear for light bladder leaks

Above: Women's Washable Absorbent Underwear - take your pick

Younger Women Step Forward

At a gathering of women of all ages not long ago, it was the mothers between the ages of 25 and 40 who were coming forward to check out our fashionable, washable "normal" underwear.

Wearever and Conni Washable Women's Underwear for light bladder leaks

Above: Panties from the left are Wearever Lace 5 ounce Panties, Wearever 3 ounce, Wearever 10 ounce, Conni Chantilly 12 ounce Underwear

Managing urinary incontinence can be as simple as wearing panties with a built-in pad. One woman with a two year old said that she was horrified that she now had embarrassing moments at yoga class.

One of the fittest women I have ever seen over the age of 40 told of how she learned a not-fun lesson while trampolining in the backyard with her kids. 

Something for everyone

These younger women wanted freedom from pads (or wads of toilet paper) while staying active, and they scooped up two styles of our washable line of absorbent panties.

Conni Active and Wearever S100 Washable Women's absorbent underwear for light bladder leaks

Above: Conni Actives (4 ounce) in black, beige and pink vs Wearever Seamless Panty (3 ounce) in beige and black

Most popular, by a slim margin, was the attractive stretch Wearever seamless panties. Like all Wearever Canada products, these have a sewn-in, super absorbent Unique-Dri™ pad that traps liquid.

Wearever Canada Women's S100 Washable Absorbent Seamless Panty with technical drawing

Above: Wearever Seamless Panty (3 ounced) in beige with technical drawing of built-in absorbent pad

Designed to absorb up to 3 ounces (89 mls) of liquid, the Wearever lightest absorbency panties are just what you need for the occasional leak from a cough or sneeze. A modern style that is soft and silky, made with 100% nylon microfiber knit.

The appeal of the spandex stretch, the high cut leg, the invisible built-in padding were a surprise these women weren't expecting.

Technology has come a long way in reducing the bulk while working hard to prevent unpleasant odours. Wearever calls its products "life changing" with real underwear and real leak protection.

Sizing is according to the size chart (please do measure your hip/waist before ordering!) and goes up to a generous 48" hip.

<img src="//" alt="Wearever Canada Washable Absorbent Underwear for bladder leak protection" />

Above: Wearever seamless panties are available in black or beige in packs of three

Bladder leak protection in many convenient forms and fashions

Many of the women we met voted in appreciation for the soft cotton with a bit of stretch found in the hip-hugging Conni Women's Active Underwear. The Conni Actives trap more urine - a full ounce more - with no bulk at all in the panties.

Conni Active Washable Women's Absorbent Underwear with technical drawing

Above: Conni Active in beige with technical drawing of built-in absorbent pad

Also offering a built-in pad, Conni Actives offer a different style from the Wearever seamless panty as they sit on your hips and are designed for light bladder loss, postnatal support, excessive perspiration, and light menstruation.

Several women we spoke with said these washable panties for bladder leaks looked ideal for summer - especially in the high temperatures we are experiencing this year.

Conni Women Actives - washable absorbent underwear in 3 colours

Above: Conni Actives are available in black, beige and pink.

Now available in Beige, Wearever also offers higher absorbency options than in the seamless panty - if you're worried about more drips than not, check these out:

Wearever Canada Washable Absorbent Underwear for bladder leak protection

For travel, sports or just on the run

Both the Wearever and Conni washable absorbent panties for light bladder leaks have the right style, the right fit and the right answer when you just need to get on with your life.

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