Can it be true? Absorbent underwear that's soft, comfy and works? Check.

Can it be true? Absorbent underwear that's soft, comfy and works? Check.

Absorbent underwear that's soft, comfy and works? Yep.

I am surrounded by piles of Wearever Canada's washable, absorbent underwear. And, I want to run out on the street and show them to people. In fact, I think if I tucked a couple of pair into my purse and pulled them out at the grocery store, I would draw a crowd. For the right reasons.

Wearever Canada washable, absorbent underwear solves the drip and dribble problem so many Canadians suffer from - light bladder leak. For those of you struggling with mild to moderate urinary incontinence, consider a pair (or 10, of these) smart products.

Wearever Canada washable absorbent underwear for women
Wearever Canada washable absorbent underwear for men

Wearever Canada's washable underwear is so normal looking, you would NEVER know that they are absorbent. How? Thanks to research and development, there are multiple layers involved - an inner lining, a sewn-in pad, and two out layers. Ingenious.

Wearever Canada proprietary patented absorption technology

It's hard to use your imagination when you see pictures of underpants - but trust me - these are a high quality and very worthwhile investment. 

Wearever Canada Washable Absorbent Underwear

I can't stand it. Everyone needs some of these.

Lightweight and easy to use, machine washable and dryer safe; Wearever Canada washable absorbent underwear can be reused 200+ times.

These absorbent panties, briefs and boxer briefs offer a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable products for slight to light bladder leaks.

The women's seamless panties are beautiful - slim, fashionable and discreet, they are suitable for light incontinence and excessive perspiration, providing confidence for everyday life,  sports or post-surgery use.

Wearever Women's Underwear - 3 oz. washable

Wearever Canada washable, absorbent Seamless Panties

Not one person would ever know that you are wearing them solo (without a disposable pad) and still absorbing little bladder leaks. Amazing and perfect for yoga, squash and a dance class. Really perfect. 

Wearever Women's Lovely Lace Underwear - 5 oz. washable

I am holding the Lovely Lace style of Wearever Canada's women' s underwear  and they just feel silky with some important stretch. I can't believe that these hold 5 ounces of urine. Drips or dribbles you're covered!

Wearever Women's Lovely Lace Underwear - 5 oz. washable

Wearever Women's Underwear - moderate protection

Finally - there are Wearver's classic women's panties. The protection on all of this underwear runs from the front waistband around to the back waistband. They likely look like others already in your underwear drawer.

Did I tell you that they can hold up to either 10 or 20 ounces of urine over the course of day? I am buying a pair for the next plane trip in case we get stuck on the runway for hours.

Wearever Women's Underwear - 10 or 20 oz. washable
"My mother needs to wear something but she is so proud, she just flat out refuses. I even took all of her underwear away so she would have no choice. She left her residence, took her walker across the street to Walmart and just bought more!
When I opened up the Wearever underwear - I knew that I could still win this war. Sure enough, Mom has a drawer full of new panties and thinks that I have given in...and that's okay."

You MUST check your measurements against the size chart

Wearever are meant to be true fit; snug but not tight

For the first time in my life, there are more XXs than an old sherry bottle. But - it's worth the effort. I am saving the environment and my own dignity. I will just cut the size out if it bugs me that much.

Men, you are not going to believe these boxers and briefs

Wearever Canada washable, absorbent boxers and briefs for Men

Seriously, even if you don't buy your own underwear - you are about to start.

I waved them at my husband who thought I was extraordinarily excited about buying men's underwear. After he approved of the softness, I told him about the bonus - these absorb drips and dribbles.

Wearever Canada washable absorbent boxer briefs for men

He didn't believe me. Took them over to the window for a better look. Still doesn't believe me. These are so normal looking, not even my husband can tell.

There are no tricks with Wearever's - they are absorbent from the front waistband right to the back waistband. It's the sewn-in absorbent pad with technology that makes them work perfectly, time after time. 

Think about how much easier life is about to get. Simply toss Wearever Canda's washable absorbent underwear underwear in the washer and dryer and start over (avoid fabric softeners though - those can affect absorbency).

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