Webinars - free resources to help manage incontinence

MyLiberty's Webinar Series

Adjusting to life with incontinence - whether your own or someone you care for - can be a challenge. However, the more you know the easier it is. 

MyLiberty feels the same way - forewarned is forearmed - which is why we created the resources we know you need - definitions of incontinence for women and men, a comparison of the different types of products available today, our Total Absorbency Protection Product Selection Guide, our blog - and now, our webinar series.

MyLiberty has sought out the expertise of incontinence specialists to help you learn more about managing bladder and bowel issues - virtually, with us via live webinar, or at your convenience via the visual presentation.

1. REPLAY. Five Things You Need for a Better Night's Sleep with TRANQUILITY (approximately 30 minutes)  Summary: Tranquility product experts outline why getting a good night's sleep goes hand-in-hand with incontinence care

FREE WEBINAR - 5 Things You Need for a Better Night's Sleep with TRANQUILITY incontinence products


2.  REPLAY.  Expert Telesummit - How an Enterostomal Therapy (ET) Nurse Can Help  (approximately 42 minutes). Summary:  Learn from nurse specialist Susan Mills-Zorzes from Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET) about the types of incontinence and how to decide if self-catheterization might be an option for your consideration.