Understanding your incontinent condition…

Understanding your incontinent condition…

It's manageable

You would be surprised at how many people are managing incontinence. At MyLiberty.Life, we speak about it often and the first reaction is usually a polite or thoughtful silence.

The next step is usually great support – and the presumption that our work is aimed at our aging population. It seems logical – and it’s true that as we age, more things are going to give.

But – that’s not the end to the story, by any means. The loss of bladder or bowel control is not restricted to age. Incontinence is not a disease, but a condition where a person has involuntary urination or bowel movements to the point where their social lives are affected in a negative way.

With luck, your condition is temporary, but unfortunately, for others it can be more permanent

Anyone at any age can be impacted by how you live your life.

Smoking, drinking and the excessive intake of fluids contribute to temporary incontinence. As well, add in prescribed drugs such as blood pressure medication, muscle relaxants, sedatives and some heart disease medication. And finally, conditions such as constipation can increase the need to urinate, because the compacted stool makes the nerves in charge of the bladder overactive.

For your temporary or light incontinence needs, check out our Total Capacity Rating product selection guide.

See your doctor to get to the cause of incontinence

For many of our friends and family, incontinence is a constant concern that affects their ability to work, travel and lead confident lives in the community. Some of the permanent causes for urinary incontinence not only include aging but also damage to pelvic floor muscles, enlarged prostate, or cancer of the bladder and prostate.

Seeing your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment advice is important. Do it.

I worry about people feeling house-bound or socially uncomfortable. We want to get the right product for you. Check out MyLiberty.Life's collections today and sign up for automatic refills.

Remove some of your worry with  MyLiberty.Life – no leaks, no limits!

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