With this collection, MyLiberty.Life strives to do more than offer a great collection of high-quality adult briefs—also called adult diapers—for women. We want you to enjoy a great, almost effortless shopping experience where you can buy with confidence—and absolute discretion.

What you can expect

If you are experiencing severe bladder and bowel leakages, these briefs are ideal as they offer Heavy to Maximum Plus protection according to our Total Capacity Rating Guide (see below). Whether they use adhesive tape or hook-and-loop fasteners, you can count on them to stay in place and offer a nice, contoured fit.

You can use these products with confidence as they offer leak prevention, odour reduction and the highest level of skin protection and comfort. Even more, new technologies have helped reduce their bulk—you’ll be the only one who knows you’re wearing them!

Total Capacity Rating Guide 

To help you find what you need quickly and easily, we’ve developed the Total Capacity Rating Guide, a system we use across all brands and incontinence products we sell. At a glance, the rating shows a product’s ability to absorb and hold bladder and bowel leakage. Watch for the rating on every product listing on our site to make sure the products you choose are right for you.

We offer delivery to your home, discreetly packaged.

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Adult Diapers & Briefs for Women

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