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Did you say 20 brands? Yes, we did. We've got you covered, Canada!

As an online store, My Liberty is not limited by shelf space - instead, we choose the products we believe work best - offering the right absorption level by need, that are comfortable and discreet, and in the widest size range possible. To help you in your hunt, here's a list of the brands, or manufacturers, that we carry. Click any of the names below to see the full product line that My Liberty carries.

  1. Abena
  2. Aniva protective underwear and adjustable diapers
  3. Bambo Nature baby diapers
  4. Conni and Conni Kids Washables
  5. Cutie-Pants training pants from Prevail
  6. Cuties baby diapers from Prevail
  7. Depend for Men or Women
  8. GoodNites bedtime absorbent underpants for kids
  9. Molicare
  10. Poise for women
  11. Prevail
  12. Prevail for baby and youth
  13. Rip n Go bed pads & bedding - bed wetting solutions
  14. Select from the makers of Tranquility
  15. SleepOvers Youth Pants from Prevail
  16. SOSecure swim briefs
  17. Swimmates from the makers of Tranquility
  18. TENA
  19. Tranquility Premium Protection
  20. WonderPants training pants from Prevail

Our brands are chosen because of their outstanding construction, unbeatable absorbency, first-rate odour control, overall capacity to contain leaks and their ability to be good to your skin.

My Liberty carries over 100 products to help Canadians of all ages manage the loss of bladder and and bowel control, offering options for men, women, teens / older kids and babies.

We offer washable and disposable adult briefs (diapers), underwear (pull ups), pads (or liners, guards and shields). We have skincare solutions (cleansers and wipes) and bed or chair pads to help protect furniture.

And, we also offer innovative swimwear solutions to get you back in the swim!

To help you find solutions quickly and easily, we’ve developed the Total Capacity Rating Guide, a system we use across all brands and incontinence products we sell. At a glance, the rating - from 1 to 6 - shows a product’s ability to absorb and hold bladder and bowel leakage.

Watch for the rating on every product listing on our website to make sure the products you choose are right for you.

If you'd just like to browse, feel free to start with our Top 10 Bestsellers - the All Stars of 2016. At MyLiberty, we’ve got you covered Canada!