What do I need?

Help! I’m new to incontinence!

If you are new to the world of incontinence—and even if you aren’t—you know how difficult it can be living with bladder - and bowel - control problems. 

But there is good news! Through aggressive science and solid research, products to deal with these issues are improving all the time. You now have options—and excellence—that just haven’t been available in the past.

Our brands are chosen because of their outstanding construction, unbeatable absorbency, first-rate odour control, overall capacity to contain leaks and their ability to be good to your skin.

From disposable adult briefs (diapers), underwear (pull ups), and pads to swimwear solutions, bed or chair pads and cleansing cloths, at MyLiberty.Life, we’ve got you covered.

When choosing an absorbent product for an individual, the following contributing factors should be considered:

  • Level of mobility
  • Severity of incontinence
  • Gender
  • Fit
  • Ease of use
  • Product should wick urine away from the skin
  • Protection for clothing
  • Preserving the individual’s dignity and comfort
  • Promoting the individual’s independence

How to choose the right product

Getting the right products should be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Now, it is.

Step 1: Determine how much protection you need in real, measurable terms.

Measuring cup - 1 cup, 8 oz, 237 mlLet's talk specifics - did you know that adults pass an average of 1 cup (8 ounces or 237 ml) of urine at a time?

Kids are different - there's a calculation based on their age. Look for the "Urine Output Calculation" section to learn more.

For adults, 1 cup is what's considered a 'full' pee (or, 'void' if you prefer).

When shopping for incontinence products, there are three ways of looking at a person's bladder - and bowel - absorbency needs:

Speed, Volume and Retention Capacity

We look at how fast a product needs to absorb, how much capacity it has and how dry it stays under the pressure of contact with skin. Which means you should ask:

  1. How quickly does the product absorb?
  2. How much does it hold: drips, leaks, a full void, or multiple voids?
  3. How dry does it stay?

This is where it becomes critical for you to decide what you're looking for, based on your needs. Are you looking for protection against:

  • Occasional drips over several hours? Or
  • Small, unexpected leaks (like after a sneeze)? Or
  • Slightly larger leaks - like after you lift something, or jump or skip - that leave you feeling wet? Or
  • Unpredictable, full (and possibly repeat) voids where you need to change your clothes?

Understanding the protection you need - which can also change over time - is the key to picking the right product. Perhaps you need LIGHT protection during the day but MAXIMUM protection overnight.

But, incontinence product manufacturers often describe their product’s ability to absorb and contain leaks using wildly different terms, making it very difficult to compare products.

My Liberty helps you sidestep comparison confusion

We did the work for you, by making sure you can compare the capacity of each product, regardless of what type of product (pad vs underwear? Or chair pad vs diaper?) it is, or who makes it.

Each My Liberty product listing has a rating - called MyLiberty's Total Capacity Rating - so you know if it’s exactly right for you!

We created our Total Capacity Rating product guide (see the chart below) to help you understand options across products.

Step 2: Browse our online catalogue

Once you know the Capacity Rating you need, you can browse our products any number of ways:

Shop by Collection

At the top of every page, click Women, Men, or Special Needs Kids & Teens. Or, look for "Shop by Collection" at the bottom of each page for even more ways we think you might like to browse.

Shop by Category

At the bottom of every page, click any of the links under "Shop by Category" links.

Shop by Capacity

On the left of every page in our catalogue, look for the box called Filter by Capacity Rating. That will narrow your options down to just that level of absorbency (and you can click the X to get rid of it to try another rating level).

Shop by Brand

Visit Shop by Brand to see the full range of brands we carry.

Shop All Products

There is always the option to search our entire catalogue, of course.

When you find what you need, simply add it to the shopping cart.

Remember to look for the Total Capacity Rating on every listing to make sure it gives you the protection you need.

Step 3: Proceed to the checkout.

Yes, it’s that simple. Determine the product rating you need, browse for the products you need and proceed to the checkout.

MyLiberty's Total Capacity Rating Scale: From 1 to 6