Incontinence products: Prostate Care For Men - Prostate Cancer Foundation, BC

MyLiberty.Life is proud of its partnership with the Prostate Cancer Foundation BC. We encourage you to learn more about the Foundation's work.

Any man undergoing radiation or surgery to treat prostate cancer should expect to develop some problems with bladder control. To makes things easier, we've asked the experts to add their best products to My Liberty's Prostate Care Collection. Check out the most effective and highly recommended shields, and guards available today. Skip the store. Discreet delivery. Easy.

Check out A Man's Guide to Finding the Right Bladder Leak Products - with tips and a one-page chart so you can make fast decisions about what you need.

Prostate Care For Men: Bladder Leak Protection

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PeapodMats washable waterproof chair pad

Bed and Chair Pads

$25.95 per case
Depends Shields and Guards for Men


From $43.99 per case
Prevail Male Guards


$73.99 per case
Sold Out
Depends FIT-FLEX Underwear for Men


From $87.99 per case
Molicare MoliMed Premium Pad


From $92.99 per case
TENA ProSkin 2-Piece Heavy Pads


From $99.99 per case
Abena Man Male Protective Pads


From $113.99 per case
Sold Out