Save 5% on Subscription Orders

Scheduled deliveries, at your convenience

Never worry about running out of critical incontinence supplies again. We offer an optional, subscription service so that you won't be caught short. Think of it as your personalized delivery service.

Save 5% on Subscription Orders

When you're ready to order a product by adding it to your shopping cart, you'll see a "Subscribe" option, allowing you to schedule future deliveries when it suits you best e.g.: every 4 weeks? Or 6 weeks? Every two months? It's your call.

After each order, we'll schedule your next delivery so you don't have to. Three days before your next order date, we'll email you with the details in case you'd like to make changes.

Change the date, the size, the product, the quantity - it's all under your control. 

"I am very happy with all the products that I receive from My Liberty. They are very friendly and always get back to me...If I send a message on the computer. Then they return the call and I get them just like they say."

E.H. from British Columbia

Subscription orders give you complete control (and savings!)

  • Save money - get 5% off on your scheduled refill orders all year long
  • Take complete control over your preferred schedule
  • Easily cancel your subscription at any time, with no penalty
  • Pause or postpone upcoming orders
  • Receive friendly email reminders 3 days before your next order to make any changes (or leave things exactly as is)
  • Use your own secure, password protected online account to see a history of previous orders
  • Download receipts to secure medical expense tax credits on tax filings
  • Make changes to your order any time online, or contact us and we'll take care of it for you
  • Take full control over changes to your order: change the product, size, quantity, frequency, or upcoming order date
  • Enroll with ease - look for the Subscribe button as you browse and choose your preferred frequency
  • Receive alerts if your credit card information changes or expires
  • Easily update your shipping or billing information
  • Easily update your credit card or PayPal information
  • Cancel at any time without penalties or fees through your secure account on our website or call us and we'll take care of it right away
  • Courtesy Alerts - we'll notify you when your order has shipped

"I'm not sure if this is the right place to share this but I have experienced EXCEPTIONAL customer service with this company. They went above and beyond to try to help me find a solution for a challenging case of incontinence...Thank you so much for doing this for us, you really are an amazing example of what customer service should look like."

--N.C. from Ontario

Home delivery. On your schedule.