Bestselling All-Star Incontinence Protection Products of 2019

Bestselling All-Star Incontinence Protection Products of 2019

It's all about eco-friendly washables!

Wow! We didn't see this one coming!

Washable, absorbent leak control underwear populates much of My Liberty's Bestseller List in 2019.

It's fun to peek into someone else's shopping basket and to wonder at their choices. And, it is also comforting to know that you aren't the only one buying incontinence products.

My Liberty introduces our Top 10 All-Star Products every year so that you can see the unique options that Canadian youth, men and women use to navigate life with incontinence.

In 2019, Canadians increased the number of washable eco-friendly solutions they are buying, while our disposable products continue to strongly represent discreet, effective solutions. And, it's clear that our adult customers prefer underwear styles over diapers.

Solutions from Six Brands

This year's winners are from quality brands including TENAWearever CanadaAnivaPeapodMatsSleepOvers from Prevail and Tranquility Premium.

PeapodMats washable absorbent bed wetting mats from Vancouver are new to our bestseller list and several new Wearever Canada washable underwear styles skyrocketed to the top, the moment they were introduced to you.

While we have fun with our Bestselling All-Star Incontinence Protection Products of 2019 - we want to stress that washable underwear is not for everyone.

Understand Daytime Drips vs Full Voids

Although absorbent over the course of a day, washable underwear are not designed to absorb a full void all at once. Instead, they offer daytime drip protection. Only disposable underwear, adult diapers or a pad designed for high volume can do this.

What's a full void? It's 8 ounces for an adult - or one cup. So - when you are trying to figure out exactly what you need to buy, you can assess your own piddle or dribble. We've done the math for you, in our Total Capacity Rating Guide

For the first time ever, we have a tie for the number 1 slot!

1.  TENA Small Briefs (Disposable)

TENA Small Briefs line: Youth, Small & Slip Maxi packaging

You will be shocked at how thin these remarkable briefs are. They sport a Total Capacity Rating of Moderate (holds up to 24 ounces) and are meant for smaller sizes, including Youth (waist/hip 17”-29”); Slip Maxi (waist/hip 21"-34") and Small (waist/hip 22"-34").

TENA Small Briefs lineup: left is Youth brief closed, middle is Small brief open, right is Slip Maxi brief

These products provide a comfortable, secure and discreet solution for even the smallest users. And for the caregiver, the briefs are easy to apply and change.

You will appreciate the skin-caring system to improve surface dryness and promote healthy skin while reducing leakage and the Dry-Fast Dual Core technology that rapidly wicks fluid away from sensitive skin.


1.  Wearever Canada Women's Underwear - holds up to 20 oz (Washable)

Wearever Canada washable absorbent Women's Underwear - holds up to 20 oz.

These women's classic briefs with 20 oz capacity were not even on our radar a year ago - and now they are nearly the most popular product sold by My Liberty. And, no wonder! The sizes are generous - up to 57 inch hips and the fabric is soft and stretchy.

With the ability to absorb up to 20 ounces of urine over the course of a day - this underwear is a great solution for women who don't want to wear disposables for any or many reasons.

Join the great number of women already wearing Canada's favourite washable, absorbent underwear with confidence and see for yourself how effective, odour-free built-in protection works for you.


2. Wearever Canada Men's Briefs - holds up to 20 oz (Washable)

Wearever Canada washable absorbent Men's Underwear - holds up to 20 oz.

If you are looking for a washable product with large capacity - the popular Wearever Men's Briefs that can absorb up to 20 ounces of urine may just be the right thing. These briefs - soft, absorbent and available in generous sizes - offer trusted all-day protection, comfort and ease of wear.

This style competes with slight protection disposable briefs and underwear but is made of a comfortable cotton/poly blend that is easy wearing with a fully functional fly.

These are not designed for overflow incontinence but can effectively manage up to 20 ounces over 8 hours. For odour-free, trusted all-day protection, the Wearever Men's Briefs in the 20 ounce version is a great selection.


3. Aniva Protective Underwear (Disposable)

Aniva Protective disposable Underwear

Popular for all ages from teens and active seniors, Aniva Protective Underwear has a Total Capacity Rating of Heavy and is available in sizes from 26" to 60" waists. This protective incontinence product fits like regular underwear but with an ability to prevent leaks and messes.

Simply pull them on and get on with your day! Designed for both men and women, they feature a lower waist band for comfort and a “no-show” look. Coloured stitching makes it easy to distinguish the front from the back.

A gel core helps with odour control and a double-protection leg band helps protect your clothing—and your dignity. A wise choice offering great value.


4. Wearever Canada washable absorbent Women's Underwear - holds up to 10 oz. (Washable)

Wearever washable absorbent Women's Underwear - holds up to 10 oz.

We were pleased to add new colour choices to our bestselling Wearever Women's 10oz washable underwear this year, now available in Beige and White.

These panties are real underwear with an absorbent pad that is sewn in for leak protection. Each pair has unique absorbent fabric that can be machine washed up to 200 times. You can save hundreds of dollars a year!


5. PeapodMats washable waterproof bed wetting mats (Washable)

PeapodMats washable waterproof bed wetting mats

My Liberty is thrilled to carry another Made-in-Canada wonder - PeapodMatsDragon's Den found them first and has helped bring this perfect bed wetting solutions for all ages to Canadians.

We are over the moon about selling these. The creators - Vancouver-based Amanda and Liz - were two moms looking for a good quality, re-usable waterproof mat for their toddlers and older children: "We needed something they could use for bed-wetting but was easy for us as parents to manage."  They wanted PeapodMats to be as breathable and green as possible.

By using a soft breathable cotton and and a special coating for waterproofing, these two women achieved just that.


6. Wearever Men's Underwear - 10 oz. (Washable)

Wearever Canada Men's washable absorbent underwear holds up to 10 oz.

Wearever Men's Briefs Moderate Absorbency underwear remove the need to wear a disposable guard or shield, and are washable with classic styling and a comfortable fit. Looks and feels like real underwear, because it is! No more disposables. 

Able to absorb up to 10 oz (295 ml) of leaks, these briefs are made with a comfortable cotton/poly blend with a fully functional fly. These men's briefs have a sewn-in, super absorbent Unique-Dri ™ pad for built-in, all-day protection.  Designed for leaking and piddles, not for full voids. 


7. Wearever Men's Briefs - 5 oz. (Washable)

Wearever Canada washable absorbent Men's Briefs - holds up to 5 oz.

These Wearever Men's 5 oz. briefs look and feel like regular underwear. They offer "slight" protection from the little leaks in life - think drips or dribbles over the course of a day, or occasional sneezes or coughs that offer 'that unwanted surprise'.

We cannot belief how popular they are - and they hold about the same amount of urine as a pair of Depends for Men.


8.  SleepOvers Youth Pants: Overnight Protection (Disposable)

SleepOvers Youth Pants: disposable overnight bed wetting protection for older kids

You get happy mornings with SleepOvers Youth Pants, designed to meet the needs of older children with nighttime incontinence episodes. Super absorbent leakage protection keeps kids and beds dry.

It is a transitional product, still working with weight instead of waist size. Available for kids from 38 to 140 pounds, delivering Total Capacity Rating from Moderate to Maximum, depending on the size. Not bulky due to the 150% more elastic strands from top to bottom.


9. Wearever Women's Cotton Comfort Panties - 5 oz. (Washable)

Wearever Women's Cotton Comfort Panties - 5 oz. washable

You may be familiar with Wearever Women’s Light Absorbency Seamless Panties. With their sleek silhouette, they reduce any embarrassing panty lines but have a sewn-in, super absorbent pad that traps up to 3oz (90ml) of liquid.

But - have you seen our new slight leak control panties, holding up to 5 oz?  Wearever "Cotton Comfort" are offered in a wide range of women's sizes in either white or beige.

Great for the wee leaks in life - and with the added bonus of guilt-reduction by avoiding disposable pads!


10.  Tranquility Premium Overnight Absorbent Underwear (Disposable)

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

If you are looking for peace of mind and freedom from leaks, look no further. Available in sizes from 17" up to 82" waists and made for women, men and kids, Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear have a Total Capacity Rating of Moderate to Maximum.

The Tranquility Peach Mat guarantees drier, healthier skin and greatly reduced odour. With the trim look of regular underwear, breathable fabric and an ample, full-rise waist panel, these take comfort to a new level. The generous stretch works well with extended tummies, too.

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