What's the difference between Men's disposable bladder leak underwear?

What's the difference between Men's disposable bladder leak underwear?

Looking for leak-proof disposable underwear for men that works?

What a difference a few years can make for men in Canada. Today, new incontinence products are addressing the specific needs of men in finding disposable leak-proof underwear that works.

Not only do the latest products address better fit, they are highly absorbent with built-in odour and skin protection. They aren't bulky and have a cloth-like feel that makes you more comfortable.

My Liberty sells disposable products that make the grade for our own men. We bring products to the Canadian market with the kind of quality we can be proud of.

Our focus is on sourcing quality disposable absorbent hygiene products. At the same time, we are always researching the most advanced technologies to offer our customers for skin optimal care and style.

Men's protective absorbent underwear is designed specifically for improved target zones with more absorbency where it is needed most. While gender-neutral products continue to be highly effective, sometimes it takes a special men's product to get started.


TENA, Prevail and Attends Protective Disposable Underwear for Men


If it's time to get yourself or a loved one suited up, have a look at these just-for-men underwear options from TENA and Prevail and Attends.

If you are leaking through your shield, guard or other bladder leak underwear, you may need an upgrade. If you are experiencing troubles, your situation may have changed or was underestimated.

Don't assume you're doomed to adult diapers

If you are new to the incontinence marketplace, chances are you have "adult diapers" or "depends" on your mind. The great news is that a competitive hygiene industry continues to introduce more highly absorbent, skin-protecting, odour-absorbing underwear, briefs (adult diaper style), and guards unlike anything you have seen before.

Today's just-for-men underwear includes options for daytime needs versus overnight. The starting absorbency is at least twice what you can get with Depend - and we think the quality is also higher.

Don't settle for something grabbed off the shelf

The trend is toward soft, cloth-like materials. If you shop for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's, you know how important it is to accommodate the need for familiar feels.

People who must switch from "regular" underwear to an adult diaper or protective disposable underwear option are more accepting of cloth-like products because these feel like their old, soft cotton underwear.

TENA - for example - has introduced its 100% breathable technology called "ConfioAir" that allows humidity to evaporate to help maintain skin's natural moisture balance.

Prevail men's incontinence underwear features its 360 Breathable Zones that allow air to circulate, help you stay cool and comfortable by preventing heat and moisture build up.

Attends' pull-on undergarment for men is designed with a soft, cloth-like breathable fabric and full-belly elastic waistband for a comfortable, contoured fit.
Attends' advanced core materials have a high moisture capacity, channeling fluid and locking it away to keep the skin dry and healthy. Tear-away side panels make removal fast and easy.

TENA and Prevail and Attends underwear for men are built with technology offering thinner, highly-absorbent material that allows a man to move more freely and confidently.

Why care about breathability of your incontinence underwear?

"Breathability" of your underwear helps keep skin dry and healthy by reducing friction. It allows liquid and odour to stay in while moisture evaporates, promoting better skin health and avoiding bladder infections. 

One key factor in finding the right product is to make sure that any fluids are quickly absorbed away from the skin. It is important to focus on the health of the skin down under to avoid discomfort, rashes, and infections.

Price matters

My Liberty is all about the "bottom line" (Dad joke).

Urinary incontinence - or bladder leak underwear - like all other things - runs the gamut of prices. But, we have learned that in this world of managing incontinence, you really do get what you pay for.

Our experience tells us that a more premium purchase often works out best for a budget. How can that be?

With a more absorbent, better fitting product (lots more stretch and sizing options), you're also purchasing higher capacity, so you don't need to constantly change products or add pads to avoid leaks.

Our goal is to fit you up with fewer changes, without rashes or skin infections. In the end, it is a savings when you are using 3 products a day instead of 5, 6 or more.

My Liberty would love to see you get a good fit, and the right product. And, we are here to make sure that every customer gets the right product for their situation. 

Our brands and best-sellers don't have to be specialized for men or women to be really effective. We're simply enthusiastic here about the new options for men who feel they'll benefit from an anatomically unique design.

One question we hear all the time is "How do I choose an incontinence product or underwear?" So for everyone who is curious about the newest TENA and Prevail underwear for men - here's the breakdown:

Light Absorbency: capacity of up to 16 ounces

TENA ProSkin Protective Underwear for Men

TENA ProSkin Protective Underwear for Men

TENA ProSkin Protective Underwear for Men offers discreet, disposable daytime protection for dryness, softness and leakage security. 

Designed to look like real underwear, these charcoal coloured underwear offer  triple protection: dryness, softness and leakage security. These feature targeted absorption and a cloth-life feel.

Looks and feels like everyday underwear with complete coverage and absorption. TENA's comfortable waist band is soft, stretchable and narrow like your regular briefs, while the cottony-soft material offers maximum comfort and discretion.

Attends Discreet Men's Disposable Incontinence Bladder Leak Underwear

Attends Discreet Men's Disposable Incontinence Bladder Leak Underwear

Worn under clothing like regular underwear, Attends Men's Discreet Underwear  provide an alternative to briefs for more active individuals. The odour-shield works to prevent odors for confidence and dignity.

Made with advanced core materials that have a high moisture capacity provide dual leakage protection., channeling fluid and locking it away from the skin keeping it feeling dry and healthy. Features barrier leg cuffs for added protection and tear-away side panels make removal fast and easy. 

Prevail Daily disposable Underwear for Men 

Prevail Disposable Underwear for Men

Prevail underwear for Men is specifically designed for men who need light to moderate leakage protection. Only Prevail has MaxSorb™ Gel technology, which actively locks up moisture to help keep you feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier.

Moderate Absorbency for Daytime Protection

TENA MEN Super Plus Protective Underwear

TENA Underwear for Men

TENA for Men looks and feels like everyday underwear with complete coverage and absorption. TENA's comfortable waist band is soft, stretchable and narrow like your regular briefs, while the cottony-soft material offers maximum comfort and discretion.

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