What is better - washable or reusable bed pads?

What is better - washable or reusable bed pads?

Washable / reusable vs disposable bed & chair pads - which to buy?

My Liberty is proud to bring our innovative line of washable, reusable incontinence or bed wetting underpads or absorbent bed or chair pads, to our Canadian customers.

Washable, absorbent furniture protection

We work with Canada's PeapodMats, created by two Vancouver Moms who went out and created what they couldn't find in stores themselves:


Washable bed and chair pads for incontinence

PeapodMats washable, waterproof bed wetting incontinence mats available in 3 sizes: Small (for chairs / wheelchairs), Medium & Large (for beds). 

These pads are designed to protect furniture from all sorts of fluids. They lie flat, on top of your furniture and stay in place with either a grippy material on the back.

PeapodMats bed wetting protection mats in Medium and Large in all colours 

Disposable absorbent furniture protection

These underpads can help keep beds, linens, chairs and other surfaces dry and clean. Soft, absorbent and durable even when wet — and strong enough for overnight.

The Tranquility Peach Sheet disposable underpad comes with adhesive tapes allowing you to secure placement of the bed pad:

Disposable absorbent bed and chair pads

Disposable bed pads offer rapid absorption with strong, cloth-like backsheets that resist tearing as you move around. The outer layer is soft and rustle-free to minimize sleep interruption.

TENA absorbent, disposable bed and chair pads


Attends Supersorb Bariatric Premium Underpads addresses the growing need for products designed specifically for individuals whose weight can cause excessive pressure on the bladder:

The Attends Bariatric underpad offers repositioning capability up to 400 lbs., while Dry-Lock provides outstanding absorbency and dryness.

Comparing costs: reusable bed pad vs disposable bed pad, over 2 years

At first glance, you may be surprised at the cost of reusable vs disposable products, but the in the end the math wins...

Below, you'll find a table showing an estimated cost-comparison between a reusable bed pad and a disposable bed pad over a 2 year period of time period:

Incontinence Bed Pad Usage & Costs
Changes Per Day 4 4
Cost Per Item $1.00 $41.99
Cost Per Day $4.00 $0.232
Cost Per Year (changes per day x cost per item x 365) $1,460 $167.96
Laundry Costs Per Year (2 loads per week)   $64.4
Total Cost Per Year $1,460.00 $231.96
  1. 4 reusable bed pads used over 2 years.
  2. $167.96 (4 items) / 365 (days/year) / 2 (2 years) = $0.23.
  3. 4 items at $41.99 over 2 years = $167.96 per year.
  4. Top loader washing machine, 100% washes in cold water (65°F), Cost of gas $1.24 ($/therm), Cost electricity $0.15.

(per kWh), Cost of water $0.10/gallon, Cost of detergent $0.20/load, 2 loads per week dedicated to incontinence products. 

The numbers are compelling 

The PeapodMats manufacturing process is free of toxic materials, such as PVC (Vinyl), latex and formaldehyde.

PeapodMats: Washable, Waterproof Bed Wetting Incontinence Mats

PeapodMats: Washable, Waterproof Bed Wetting Incontinence Mats

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