My Liberty offers high quality adult diapers, protective underwear, pads, swimwear and more - disposable or washable - designed to give you your life back.

We provide a simple, quick and effortless buying experience - and absolute discretion. Our only goal is to make your life more comfortable with exactly what you need - simple, easy and discreet. Enjoy a worry-free online shopping experience.

Canada's best selection of quality incontinence products

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SleepOvers Youth Pants: Overnight Protection


From $80.99 per case
Prevail Bladder Control Pads for Women


From $69.99 per case
Prevail Pant Liners


From $85.99 per case
Prevail Youth Briefs

Adult Diapers

$85.99 $95.99 per case
Prevail Specialty Sized Bariatric Briefs

Adult Diapers

From $114.99 per case
Cutie Pants Training Pants

Kids Training Pants

$104.55 per case
Prevail Disposable Bed & Chair Pads

Bed and Chair Pads

From $72.99 per case
Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs

Adult Diapers

$105.99 per case
Prevail Extended Use Brief

Adult Diapers

$157.99 per case