A Man's Guide to Finding the Right Bladder Leak Products

Men - we picked the best boxers, briefs, guards, shields and swim suits to deal with loss of bladder or bowel control so you don't have to.

Check out A Man's Guide to Finding the Right Bladder Leak Products. The guys pulled tips together and made a one-page chart you can download to make fast decisions about what you need.

Or, shop by capacity - our Total Capacity Protection product guide gives you a scale of 1-6 to compare protection levels across products. Use it to choose by coverage and absorbency.

If you're dealing with post-prostate surgery incontinence, we worked with experts to develop a Prostate Care collection of products. 

Skip the store - ordering from us means discreet delivery in plain boxes. We sell by the case, so you get better value. And, you can set up automatic refills of your orders so you won't run out.

Men's Collection

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MoliCare® Mobile Pull-Ups


From $71.99 per case
Prevail Male Guards


From $74.55 per case
TENA Protective Underwear Plus


From $78.99 per case
Prevail Pant Liners


From $85.99 per case
Depends Shields and Guards for Men


From $88.99 per case
Sold Out
Depends FIT-FLEX Underwear for Men


From $88.99 per case