Helpful Extras when living with incontinence

Chair pads, bedding, underpads, cleansers and wipes - innovative time savers add up to clean and comfortable. See our washable line of easy and practical solutions for bedding from Conni and RipnGo. Machine-washable pads and sheet sets turn the hassle of changing soiled bedding into a breeze. Cut the time it takes to change the bedding from five minutes to just seconds. No need to lift the mattress or struggle with awkward ties or zips. Save time and money!

The soft, disposable washcloths are selected from among the best on the market, chosen for being super-soft and strong. Prevail offers washcloths that are hypoallergenic and enhanced with lotions to soothe, protect and clean your skin. Also available in a fragrance-free option. Tranquility Cleansing Wipes are also super-soft, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic and disposable.

Helpful Extras when living with incontinence

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From $0.01 per case

From $0.01 per case
TENA ProSkin Bathing Glove


From $5.44 per case
Gift Card

Gift Cards

From $10.00
PeapodMats washable waterproof chair pad

Bed and Chair Pads

$25.95 per case
Supermax Disposable Protective Vinyl Gloves


From $29.99 per case
SOSecure Containment Swim Brief for Children


From $39.95 per case
Depends Shields and Guards for Men


From $43.99 per case