Welcome to MyLiberty.Life - Let's talk incontinence

Welcome to MyLiberty.Life - Let's talk incontinence

Breaking down stigma

We created MyLiberty.Life to help break down the stigma surrounding one of the few remaining barriers in society – bladder and bowel leakage.

With aging, stress, and the myriad of diseases that we face from childbirth to surgery to illness – the one function of life that we are too embarrassed to talk about is our inability to “hold it” anymore.

Did you know that if there are ten women in the room, five have some kind of incontinence – but no one’s talking about it?


This isn't TMI

In a world of waaaay too much information – why isn’t okay to discuss these problems? And – why isn’t it normal to use what’s needed for our own comfort, dignity, and peace of mind?

  • According to the Canadian Continence Foundation, 5 Million Canadians say they are “incontinent”.
  • But … if people were asked if they had “occasional pee leaks”, experts say it could add up to 50% of us.

Think of it. That’s more than 17 million Canadians – and most of them are stuffing their undies with toilet paper because they are shy.

Incontinence can affect anyone

It could be anyone, it might be you. Women who have had children, with weakened pelvic floors, those going through menopause, can all be victims.

Men with prostate issues can have leaks. Certain medications can cause leaks, so can diuretics, or too much coffee or even water.

People with diabetes, those recovering from strokes, people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), arthritis, or with too much weight may have it once in all while, or all the time.

Let me be clear - it’s not just older people.

Athletes have it – and even those of us who jog and jump rope. Weight lifters and movers and construction workers who do heavy lifting and straining can pop a leak. And – let’s not forget the agony of an older bed-wetting child.

We created MyLiberty.Life to help Canadians find the right products for your personal situations. Light leaks? Maybe a bit more? It’s hard to figure out what to buy and even harder to compare products.

Product capacity: Total Absorbency Protection Guide from MyLiberty.life

Shopping can be trying

The worst is standing in the aisle at the store, hoping to grab something fast before your neighbour sees you – knowing the clerk has – and knowing they’re avoiding you because they don’t have a clue what to say.

You may not be in a position to go shopping or, you might not want to put some of those things in your cart – or you are too busy caring for someone who needs these items.

MyLiberty.Life solves these problems and delivers discreetly right to your door.

We have taken away the worry about what to buy and how to get it home. Best of all, we created the Total Absorbency Protection (TAP) guide that will help you be sure to choose the protection you need, and to reassure that you've got more choice than 'off the shelf' through MyLiberty.Life.

You, or someone you love, may have been living with this issue for years. It’s the right time to start this conversation.

MyLiberty.Life cares about your dignity. And most importantly, we offer the freedom – the liberty – to keep doing what you like to do.

Take a look through what we’ve got for you today. MyLiberty.Life has created different collections of the best products available in Canada for you, your family and even for your baby.

Incontinence products available through MyLiberty.life: underwear, adult diapers and more

More than just off the shelf solutions, it's your liberty.

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