Les' Incontinence Story - Part One

Les' Incontinence Story - Part One

Les Cassidy is 68 years old. He’s retired and very active. He plays lawn bowls, sings in a choir, travels extensively and … Les uses incontinence protection. Daily. This is the first installment in his story.

Don't wait until it's to late 

 Incontinence really began to have an effect the summer I turned 66. I was playing in the Canadian National Finals for Lawn Bowls and was travelling across Ontario to all the different matches. In the Nationals you are required to wear white shorts. I had one pair and was on the road for a week.

It quickly became obvious to me that I needed protection. Bending, throwing and a lot of walking were taking their toll on my ‘whites’. It was embarrassing. I ended up washing them daily in my hotel room, with that little bar of soap.

I plan ahead

Now, when I travel, I plan my days, my clothing and the protection I need to feel fresh, clean and still active. I used to use protection just for sports, but now I’m comfortable wearing it all the time.

It’s been an interesting journey.

Buying these products is not as easy as it should be -- I really didn’t want to go to a crowded grocery store, or a crowded pharmacy for that matter.

So I found a local store that had very light traffic during the day. But then the question was…what do I buy? The clerks at the store didn’t have a clue, and barely made eye contact when I asked them for help.

I was on my own, in that aisle.

So I experimented. I bought incontinence briefs, underwear, pads and liners. But it was trial and error before I found ones that fit, and gave me the protection I needed. In fact one time I came home with women’s products, thinking they’d be the same. They weren’t. And the cheaper ones were no bargain, who wants to rustle when they walk? I didn’t.

I think that if I had a dollar for every product I gave away or donated somewhere just because they weren’t suitable, I’d be rich.

Once I settled on what I needed -- and it took a while -- it was a bit easier to go and pick them up.

It’s changed the quality of my life.

Now with MyLiberty.life I can order what I need, when I need it, and have it delivered discreetly to my door.


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