Les' Incontinence Story - Part Deux

Les' Incontinence Story - Part Deux

Les is 68 years old. He’s retired and very active. He plays lawn bowls, sings in a choir, travels extensively and … Les uses incontinence protection daily. This is the second installment in his story.

What to wear? When? Who do I ask?

Over the years I’ve learned that incontinence products, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. And, it was important for me to learn that not all products do the same things, or protect in the same way and to the same level. I’ve learned these lesson through trial and error, and I know some of my friends have done the same.

It’s my experience that shopping for products can be a maze of aisles and a confusion of packages. All these products offer “protection” on their plastic wrappers, but most don’t describe exactly how they fit, stay on … or even what’s back and front.

What's about absorption?

As for how long they are good for, few give a clear explanations. Do I need heavy, light, moderate or slight protection? How would I know what one brand offers compared to another?

Are they re-usable? That too is valid question.

Education and conversation about incontinence has been in whispers or in pamphlets from the doctor’s offices. Sometimes I got a morsel of information from a friend who quietly shared something they’d found that worked for them. Another friend recently told me he hated wearing his incontinence products for urine leakage protection because they were all too bulky.

I know that I use different products for different activities.

People, you have choices.

Shop around to find what fits and suits you. You don’t have to settle for what’s on the shelf.

Leakage Language

MyLiberty.Life is a big help. They speak our leakage-language and help to folks to learn about what to use and how to use it properly. This, for me, is big missing for brick and mortar stores. MyLiberty.Life has pages describing both male and female incontinence, what products are suitable for which level of protection, and there are even video’s that show people getting on with their life, having a fun time, and not being a couch potato because they live with incontinence.

Get on living, with no limits.

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