Can We Talk Incontinence, Canada?

Can We Talk Incontinence, Canada?

They say laughter is the best medicine ... but not if you are incontinent!

Meet our guest blogger, Sandy, from Canadian Blog House

Sandy knows incontinence, she's lived her entire life with it. Today she shares some insights with you:

For the 17 million Canadians who suffer from some degree of urinary or faecal incontinence, and risk having an accident just from laughing, incontinence is no joke.

That's right - almost 50% of the population of Canada struggles daily with incontinence. Surprised by that statistic?

How did you not know this percentage was so high? Because those of us who suffer from incontinence don't tell you. Instead, we go to great lengths to hide our incontinence from you. And we are good at it.

It's Our Dirty Little Secret

Trust me I know. I lived 46 years with this secret. You see, I was born with Spina Bifida, a neural tube birth defect. While Spina Bifida affects my body in many ways, this disability affects my bladder and bowel the most.

I have a neurogenic bladder, and paralyzed bowels. Spina Bifida is what causes incontinence for me.

It wasn't until I started blogging that I realized I could help a lot of people who also suffer from incontinence issues.

That's when I decided it was the right time to share my story.

My whole life I had always felt like it was just me who suffered from incontinence. After all, I had never known anyone else in my life who lived with incontinence.

Or did I?

You bet I did. I just didn't know it. Why? Because they were hiding their incontinence just like me. After all, it's embarrassing. No one wants to talk about this dirty little secret.

But it's time, Canada. Way past time. We need to stop being afraid to talk poop.

Like the title of that infamous little book says - everybody poops. And pees.


The difference between someone suffering from incontinence, and everyone else, is the inability to make it to the bathroom on time. When we've got to go, we've got to go NOW - not in five minutes.

Poop Happens.

Think you'll never have to suffer the embarrassment of being incontinent? Think again. Even for perfectly healthy people, the older we get, the more likely we are to become incontinent thanks to a number of health conditions - or even wonderful life events, like having a baby!

Know someone who has survived Prostrate Cancer? Someone who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, or another neurological disorder? A woman who has been through Menopause?

That's right, we all know someone who lives with incontinence issues.

And now you know me.

This Is How I (Toilet) Roll

For those of you who suffer from incontinence, it's time to stop stuffing your underwear with toilet paper.

Admit it. I know you do that. I have. Problem is, toilet paper just gives us a false sense of security.

Toilet paper is like a fair-weather friend. It's all good until the rain hits, and you're left standing alone in the puddles.

There are better options out there. Much better options.

MyLiberty.Life has got you covered

Because all accidents aren't created equal, people like me who live with incontinence, need options. Absorbency options. Options for men and women. Purchasing options.

Canada's newest online store for incontinence products, MyLiberty.Life, has created a Total Absorbency Protection (TAP) Guide that can help you choose the protection that is right for you. No more guessing. No more having to ask the cashier at your local pharmacy.

Total Capacity Rating incontinence product shopping chart

Options that fit your incontinence needs.

Talk Dirty To Me

Take it from me. Don't let incontinence problems stop you from enjoying your life. Don't hibernate in your house. Don't pass up another social invitation.

Stop missing out on the fun! Let MyLiberty.Life help "Aunty Social" become the life of the party! Slip into a pair of incontinence underwear, stick on pad, slip in a guard...and go!

Join me and let's talk incontinence, Canada. Don't wait 46 years to talk about it.

Don't be shy. Talk dirty to me.

Or better yet, talk to the folks at MyLiberty.Life, to see how they can help.


Blogger/Freelance Writer, Canadian Blog House

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