The Story Behind MyLiberty.Life

The Story Behind MyLiberty.Life

Sunshine + Wine = IDEA

A sunny summer afternoon, a lunch of salad and wine and a showing of the new puppy turned into a business venture for three friends. The women span nearly twenty years difference in age but the conversation gravitated to three things - how many grandchildren are now on the scene, what to do about moms, and how could we finally figure out how to work together? And that's how it all began...

Already business women - consultants in the digital space, social media, community and health communications - we were looking for a challenge to use what we do best, together, for the first time.

One prescient puppy suggests something to sell

It seemed so easy after the second glass of wine...

Watching the tiny Bernadoodle, Daisy, tear around the yard with a "puppy pad" in her mouth, we got to talking about our latest experiences as grandmothers. We change diapers from time to time and were impressed at how technology has improved the experience of many years ago.

Then, it occurred to us that our kids' lives would be much easier if boxes of diapers came to the front door - and there would be no testy times for sons who forget to stop at the store on the way home. And as grandmas, we also wanted them to have the best.

Seizing the grey, leaky tsunami

One idea spun to another, then the frankness began. We are aging and bringing with that, the inglorious physical changes including a little "leakage" when we laugh or dance or sneeze...And the discussion whirled off to parents, spouses, friends - the Grey Tsunami - which will once again change our society.  

Remember when no one talked about Viagra? Today, it is simply part of the conversation. For our good health, confidence and peace of mind - incontinence needs to join the every day chatter.

Incontinent Canadians are not alone

Each of us thought we were alone in struggling with the challenges of incontinence for someone we love, if not ourselves. It occurred to us that if three out of three were touched by this - how many others can there be?

We've done our research

We are learning. The categories of people affected by bladder and bowel leaks is enormous:

  • aging
  • illness
  • child birth
  • menopause
  • disability
  • sports
  • surgery
  • heavy lifting

The list goes on long enough to affect nearly half of the population. Our friends at The Canadian Continence Foundation provide an amazing service in providing expert advice and answering our questions.

The winning formula? Information, humour and a great shopping experience

From what began as a bit of a chat, all three of us have embraced the outstanding need to marry information, a bit of humour, good sense and a simple shopping experience for people looking for solutions to those bowel and bladder leaks. Call it what you like - you don't have to just live with it.

In creating MyLiberty.Life, we have built what we hope is a comfortable, respectful place to shop in private and have your product questions answered.

  • Do I need a diaper?
  • What's a pull-up?
  • What works with my arthritic hands?
  • What on earth can I use that no one will know about?
  • I would love to swim again, what can I use down South this winter?

As we buckle down to check out the best solutions for Canadians, we are reminded that we started in a back yard outside of Ottawa by saying, "don't make me laugh!" Today, the three of us have created a nation-wide company with links to every part of Canada.

We work with remarkably caring experts who want buyers to have the right product for their needs. The products are marvels of science and research, each trying to out-perform the next with softness, absorbency, inner cuffs, non-rustle materials -- and the list continues to grow.

We are backed by three amazing men, still surprised by seeing stacks of disposable incontinence products on the dining room table, but supportive. One claims to be willing to model, another made our very first purchase on our first day and the third is proud of our willingness to "be out there".

Every day, someone has an idea for us. Will we carry catheters? What about medical devices? A good friend steered us to directly address special needs children. We are ready to listen to your ideas and recommendations and to keep learning. Just call or drop a line in an email.

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