Don’t make me laugh…I might leak!?!

Don’t make me laugh…I might leak!?!

Do you fear The Leak? You're not alone

The research says that as we age, more and more of us will be living with incontinence. As a woman of a certain age, I can assure you that this is true. My girlfriends are all ages and every other one has some type of bladder leakage that affects their normal activities.

One in seven women does - worldwide!

Here in Canada, according to the Canadian Continence Foundation's research, 1 in 3 women aged 20+ years of age admitted to having symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Many have the very common condition of SUI or Stress Urinary Incontinence.

SUI is really code for the “No laughing, sneezing, coughing, dancing condition that causes you to cross your legs, time after time”. 

Because we don’t discuss it, I’ll bet that my younger and middle-aged female friends under the age of 55 have no idea how prevalent it is.

For the slight to light leak coverage you need for stress urinary incontinence, check out My Liberty's collection of Panty Liners and Pads for Women.

We're all reluctant to discuss leaks, but we shouldn't be

Despite the steady worry about leaking or dribbling, many women are reluctant to discuss their condition with their partners, friends or even with healthcare professionals.

“Don’t make me laugh” is a common cry at a girl's night out or gym class.

Everyone knows what it means and yet, no one steps forward with a helpful panty liner or Kegel exercise app for her phone.

New ways to cope with bladder leak

The extent that women will go to in order to cope with or hide a leak is pretty remarkable. The plethora of black pants on the fashion landscape has a lot to do with their hiding powers.

I had an elderly aunt who never drank in public. She was well known for her steady refusals of water, tea, and coffee for years and years at any point of the day or night in case she had to use the facilities, again.

Protection is about capacity - from slight up to maximum plus

How many women do you think manage using period pads to absorb accidental urine? Who is going to tell them that it smells? Period pads are not designed to hide urine odours. 

It goes without saying that knowing the location of all toilets in order to change one’s underwear in the event of accidental leakage has been elevated to a new level...

Ask yourself when you stopped dancing, for fear of leaking? What about going to gym class? A long car ride? Running? Boxing?

Don’t let embarrassment, psychological distress, social isolation and loneliness rule your life. 

Get laughing as hard as you can and let MyLiberty.Life do the work for you.

Consider these options:

Disposable bladder leak protection Panty Liners and Pads for Women

Disposable Pads and liners for Women

Disposable absorbent underwear designed for women

Bladder leak protection underwear designed for women

Washable, reusable discreet SOSecure Containment Swim Briefs

No leaks, no limits!

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