Will my child ever stop wetting the bed? Bed wetting solutions for older children

Will my child ever stop wetting the bed? Bed wetting solutions for older children

"I'm so frustrated. When will the bed wetting end?"

Sad child with motherHere at My Liberty, we hear daily from Canadian parents and grandparents looking for solutions that might bring an end to the challenges of coping with bed wetting in older children.

Everyone is exhausted from the disrupted nights, frustrated with the laundry loads and dismayed at the thought of replacing another mattress.

The Good News

It may be a comfort for parents and their bed wetters to know that bed wetting is often a normal part of growing up. Most children don't stay dry at night until about the age of three. And, it's usually not a concern for parents until around age six.

And no matter what you may think, bed wetting is not due to laziness or spite, two common misconceptions, paediatricians say. In fact, there are very reasonable explanations for why it happens.

The Bad News

In most cases, there's not a lot you or your child can do to 'fix' bed wetting. Instead, it may be one of those parenting experiences where you simply need to let nature takes its course.

Are you saying we just have to wait this out?

Essentially - yes.

There could be several explanations, but one of the simpler ones is that bed wetting "often runs in families," says Howard J. Bennett, MD, a paediatrician in Washington, D.C., author of Waking Up Dry: A Guide to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting.

Reassure your child that most kids do grow out of be wetting, but until then -- it's time for a plan. By keeping the conversation positive and involving your child, you'll build his or her confidence and encourage good bedtime habits.

Usually, the child becomes dry at about the same age as the parent did.

In the meantime...

There are ways you can work towards dry(er) nights as a family

  1. Get the bed wetting facts so that you all can learn strategies for dry nights.
  2. Involve your child in a blame-free conversation on bed wetting by testing your family's knowledge with the quiz in our Parents' Guide to Dry Nights ebook.
  3. Get to know today's bed wetting solutions. If your child is four or older, discuss which options he or she might take a closer look at.

Today's innovative textiles are backed by research and technology that give your family choices that you may not yet have found in traditional stores.

My Liberty is proud to work with two Canadian companies who've developed intriguing, proven solutions, as well as a third company born of Australia's surfer culture!

Four bed wetting solutions to consider

Did you know there are at many different bed wetting solutions you and your child might to consider? Which might be the best one for your family?

1. Absorbent bed sheets that are machine washable and dryer-safe

Absorbent bed sheetsThese bedding or sheet systems, allow your child to change his or her wet sheets in seconds - yes, we said seconds - without needing to lift the mattress.

Secured with a soft and safe fastener, these sheet sets will last for 400+ washes.

Give your children a sense of independence and confidence throughout the night as they can easily change their sheets by themselves while everyone - including you - sleeps. 

2. Absorbent bed pads - washable or disposable

Disposable bed padsNot interested in a sheet system? Consider bed pads instead. If your child wets on occasion, bed pads also allow you or your child to quickly and easily replace bed pads without having to change the entire bed.

Bed pads are available in either washable and reusable or disposable versions, in multiple sizes and in in print or solid colours.

Bed pads have an impressive capacity to absorb - anywhere from 1 to 2 litres of liquid over 8 hours.

3. Absorbent Underwear for older children

SleepOvers absorbent underwear for older childrenIf your child would prefer something a little more discreet (perhaps that visiting friends won't notice), consider absorbent underwear, meant to be worn under PJs.

Worn like regular underwear but sized for children and teens, these will fit kids from 38 - 140 pounds, or 17-65 kgs.

If your child has mobility issues, consider an absorbent brief instead. Unlike the pull-up style of absorbent underwear, briefs open on the sides, for faster changes without having to fully undress. Briefs can also be found for smaller sizes; some starting as small as a 15" or 38 cm waist / hip measurement.

Many of today's underwear and briefs contain advanced features like hypoallergenic or latex-free materials to reduce skin irritation, or use odour-absorbing materials. 

4. Training Pants for the younger crowd

Although parents of younger kids are likely very familiar with the range of training pants out there, My Liberty is pleased to carry two products that may be new to you.

We offer Cutie Pants Training Pants in boys and girls designs, or WonderPants unisex training pants, offering protection and value. Both are made by Prevail, maker of SleepOvers Youth Pants and Prevail Youth Briefs.

Prevail specialises in products to help families cope with incontinence issues at all life stages.

One less thing to do

My Liberty offers scheduled home delivery of all of the above and our 100+ other products. There's no cost for the service - in fact, you get 5% off for subscribing to re-orders! You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

You set your preferred schedule, at the frequency that works best for your family, and your re-orders show up like clockwork. We'll send you a 'head's up' email three days before so you can make any changes before your order goes out.

More bed wetting questions? We've got answers

We know parents have lots of questions about bed wetting - so much so that our team put heads together and came up with useful resources for you. If you are asking any of these questions...

  • What age can we expect the nighttime bed wetting to end?
  • What causes bed wetting? Are there physical or anatomical reasons that cause nighttime wetting?
  • Can't a child be 'trained' to stop bed wetting just like we did during the potty-training era?
Free ebook: Bed Wetting Strategies - A Parent's Guide to Dry Nights from MyLiberty

...we've got answers.

We've put critical information together that dispels bed wetting myths for parents and kids.

Packed with information to help you and your family get to the nirvana of dry nights, we included a free, downloadable ebook for you to help your child and family cope with the challenges of bed wetting.

Bed Wetting Strategies for Dry Nights is full of advice and tips - including the quiz you might take with your child.

 Or, feel free to browse our specially curated Bed Wetting collection of product solutions.

Get answers to your bed wetting questions and find success - and dryer nights - for you and your child today!

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