Don't let FOL (fear of leaks) keep you from your favourite sports

Don't let FOL (fear of leaks) keep you from your favourite sports

Locker rooms without embarrassment - yes please!

Does your fitness plan require you to undress in front of people you don't know? Locker rooms and dressing rooms can be a particular challenge for those with bladder or bowel incontinence.

You have choices in incontinence protection

MyLiberty.Life offers all kinds of choices to manage incontinence in your day-to-day life, but we wanted something more for youthful (or young at heart) Canadians who might find themselves caught in their underwear.

Panty Liners and Pads for Women


Incontinence pads for bladder leak protection


Panty liners vs pads offer different levels of absorbency protection: panty liners are generally for slight to light bladder leaks, while pads can be used with moderate to heavy leakage.

While some of these pads seem similar to menstrual pads, the difference ends there. Incontinence protection products are specifically designed to absorb the faster flow of urine versus blood, and to reduce odour. 

Guards, Liners and Pads for Men

Guards, Liners and Pads for Men

Consider our high-quality guards, shields, liners and pads for men, designed to boost self-assurance by ensuring protection in the key target zone. Typically, these products have a waterproof backing and a stay-dry layer to prevent embarrassing leaks.

Brands like Tranquility, TENA and Depend have all recognized the need for men's bladder leak protection products.  


Guards, Liners and Pads for Men


Most have an adhesive strip on the back to secure the guard to your own underwear. Choose from our urine leak guards designed especially for men.

Discreet, under-swimsuit washable swim briefs 


Discreet, under-swimsuit swim briefs from SOSecure


SOSecure Containment Swim Briefs (also known as a swim diaper) is an innovative design that is practical, durable and comfortable. 

Meant to fit snugly under a swimsuit, SOSecure for Adults, Teens or Youth is specifically designed for bowel containment, but can also be used for limited urinary incontinence. 

SOSecure also offers a kids version of their swim brief, but it's designed with fun patterns on the velcro tab closures or in fun colours, so a child could wear it as is, or under their preferred suit.

SOSecure Containment Swim Briefs
SOSecure washable swim brief or diaper for incontinence

The SOSecure reusable swim brief was reviewed by the National Association for Continence (NAFC) for inclusion in their Resource Guide.

If a reusable suit isn't practical, we also offer Swimmates Disposable Swimwear from Tranquility, in a full range of sizes from Small to 2XL. 

Swimmates Disposable Swimwear from TranquilitySwimmates Disposable Swimwear from Tranquility


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