Unleash the Water Babies...innovative swimwear for kids with special needs

Unleash the Water Babies...innovative swimwear for kids with special needs

Open up the wet world to your special needs child today with the Swim Wear Collection at MyLiberty.Life.

When you're raising a child with special needs, incontinence and swimming pools can represent yet another challenge. We hear many stories about the frustrations of 'accidents' or fouling that results in pool closures or more restrictions for special needs swimmers.

What if you could minimize that risk? Consider reusable and washable containment swim wear to will reduce everyone’s anxiety about possible bowel accidents!

Two solutions for special needs swimwear

My Liberty found two innovative swimwear solutions - one developed right here in Canada, and the other from Australia - that can help. Each tackles the problem in a different, giving parents and kids equally innovative choices.

SOSecure Swim Briefs fit right under a regular swim suit while Conni Togglz Swim Shorts  make anyone look like a cool surfer!

Both comply with pool requirements

Both SOSecure Swim Briefs and Conni Togglz Swim Shorts comply with pool requirements for containment of fecal matter, ensuring both child and parent enjoy stress-free time in the water.

One designed by a mom with a mission

SOSecure Containment Swim Brief - Child - Use the Pool with Confidence

SOSecure Swim Briefs were designed by a desperate mom with a special needs child

After he wore them to the pool, everyone wanted them. This unisex undergarment provides superior protection with a focus on practicality, durability and comfort.


One designed by a surf wear expert

And…after disposable diapers were banned from public pools in Australia, Togglz were designed by a surf wear expert in Australia based on a wet suit concept.

Conni Kids Togglz™ Swim Shorts

Conni Togglz Swim Shorts are designed to contain urine and fecal matter. Flexible and comfortable with a built-in brief, there are adjustable drawstrings with a togglz closure at the waist and at each leg for a secure fit.

Conni Kids Togglz™ Swim Shorts

Such ingenuity – such great solutions.

We also hear from parents that as ingenious as both these products are, sometimes life doesn't allow them to get the suits into the wash as quickly as they'd like. We hear you - and so we also offer a disposable swim diaper, Swimmates Disposable Swimwear from Tranquility.

As always, contact us with any questions - we're here to help! 

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