Canadian company designs the ideal Swim Brief...

Canadian company designs the ideal Swim Brief...

Discovery Trekking Outfitters is the Canadian company that developed our popular SOSecure Containment Swim Brief. The owner, Leslie Hanes, explains how such a great product came about...

"The idea originated many years ago, when one of the partners was searching for pool protection for her grown son. After trying the limited products on the market for youth and adults, she experienced many issues. It was apparent that improvement in design was essential, for several reasons.                                                      

First, there are many different body shapes, and no one style fits everyone. They were either not adjustable, or lacked stretch. Existing swim pants did not take into consideration a person’s height and rise measurement which resulted in many garments fitting too high or too low on the waist. In many cases they were not form-fitting, and this caused issues with water seepage, as well as allowed air to accumulate which could “balloon” the garment when under water.

Discovery Trekking is primarily an outdoor wear company, specializing in garments and travel products. However, with our strong design background, and due to the personal interest in creating a better protective garment for swimming, the SOSecure Containment Swim Brief was developed.

Snug fit intended to be worn next to the skin

Initially available in Adult sizes, we soon realized that although many teens and youth fit the waist/hip range, the garment sat too high on the waist. So, we created the Youth style which is shorter, and fits lower on the body. A few years later, after requests from parents of children with special needs, the Child style in both regular and plus sizes was developed.

A garment such as the SOSecure brief is difficult to scientifically test. It is technically not absorbent. If it were, it would absorb pool water and become too heavy. It is intended to be worn next to skin. Originally developed for bowel incontinence, it is superior to other designs due to the stretch, the adjustable closures, and the snug fit. However, the crotch design also allows for limited protection for urinary incontinence.  

The testing that has been done is mainly in-house. The developers worked with models to mock-up situations and found that when the right size and style was properly adjusted, it could contain from a few ounces to a cup depending on size of garment. There is no product that can completely seal off the human body, it is virtually impossible without discomfort.

Designed to maintain dignity

The garment is intended to maintain dignity - getting the client from change room to pool without embarrassment. When used for bowel containment, it is highly effective. As there are several choices in size range and styles, it is highly recommended that the “How to Measure” page be reviewed before ordering this useful garment."

Leslie Hanes is the owner of Discovery Trekking Outfitters, located in British Columbia. Discovery Trekking is the manufacturer of several outdoor & travel products sold worldwide, and also the manufacturer of the SOSecure Brand of incontinence products. Leslie is an avid traveller, and enjoys kayaking with her husband and dog.

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