Get out this holiday season - don't be a prisoner to incontinence

Get out this holiday season - don't be a prisoner to incontinence

Savouring the idea of seeing family and friends again?

For all of us "weather geeks" (yep, you know who you are!), we know crisp seasonal air is here for a visit...

Looking forward to a special trip to see long-missed folks?

We hope so - and we hope you won't feel held back by any bladder leak or incontinence worries.

Woman feeling lonely

It happens to more people more often than you think:

"No one knows about my issue and if I stay home, I won't have any embarrassing moments."

This kind of mindset can force you into unnecessary isolation - perhaps giving you an excuse to avoid car trips or even neighbourly visits.


It's beautiful outside. Get out there and smell that snow (we're Canadian - what can we say?). Make the best of what this wonderful season has to offer.

Don't let leak fears make you a prisoner

With the right protection and planning you can go anywhere. If you are travelling by car, make sure you take what you need with you. Put a box of disposable pads or a package of underwear or briefs in the car right now.

You'll know where they are, and you'll be ready for anything.

Disposable pads briefs and underwear 1200x400.jpg


Better yet, pick up a washable, discreet chair pad for the car or plane. You wouldn't believe the options out there today.

Toss one on the car seat, and no one but you will ever know!

Washable chair pads reduce travel stress

PeapodMats washable absorbent incontinence chair pads for all ages

Ideas to help you pack what you need

If you are visiting a friend or relative and expecting to stay overnight, bring along a discreet furniture underpad to put on your bed and minimize any fear of leaks in anyone's bed.

Disposable underpads to protect furniture

Consider boosting your protection with booster pads

Also, consider booster pads as added reassurance inside your usual protection. Booster pads offer added protection to any disposable undergarment as they line any disposable product for extra absorbency or to 'boost' absorbency.

Tanquility TopLiner Booster Pads, offering a longer, narrower shape without gathers.

For protection against bladder or urine leakage, have a look at the Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads, offering a longer, narrower shape without gathers.





The hourglass shape of the Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads help contain bowel incontinence by providing a wide absorbent area.They give you an extra level of confidence. And no one will know you're wearing them but you.

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads

Men - 'guard' yourselves from fear of leaks

For men, if you're worried -- and yes, we know that you are -- men's guards will keep you comfortable and protected. Put a package in your suitcase and always be prepared.

Men's guards or underwear shields

Reassure guests by with disposable absorbent bed pads

And finally, if you want to encourage your own shy visitors, look to our discreet chair pads and bed pads to make life for everyone just a little bit easier.


Disposable bed and chair pads from TENA

 Take My Liberty to new heights with you this season!

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