Make the best of the holidays! Stay dry and confident

Make the best of the holidays! Stay dry and confident

Head out for the holidays with confidence, even with incontinence

The holiday season is here again. Many have fingers crossed this will finally be the year to meet up with family and friends again. Let's make the best of what this exciting season has to offer.

The kitchen is bursting with seductive scents, the kiddies are excited, presents will be wrapped (or at least the ones that are in stock!) and songs fill the air. There is so much to do, so much to share, so much fun to be had.

We look forward to this every year. Or, many of us do.

However, there are folks who may dread the holidays. The going out. The being in public. The chance of having an accident or someone finding out that they have an incontinence issue.

There are solutions to concerns about leaks

You don't have to live with those worries - and please know you are not alone. It is estimated that 50% of Canadians live with some form of incontinence.

Nowadays, there are a lot of solutions to consider. Know that you can deal with incontinence concerns in a number of different ways. We're here to help you do just that.

Best tip? Plan ahead and travel prepared

Check out this quick video (1 min 29 seconds) offering simple tips for travelling with incontinence (transcript below). Below it, you'll find the types of products we recommend you consider taking on the road with you.

Video transcript:

"Hi, I'm Tasha Mulligan, a physical therapist.

Travel can be fun and exciting but when you're experiencing incontinence, but travelling can cause significant anxiety, as you prepare to leave familiar surroundings and anticipate a schedule that may not always be in your control.

Some steps you can take when preparing to travel:

  • Request an aisle seat when flying; not only will this put you closer to the restrooms on the air plane but it also will help you avoid the uncomfortable task of stepping over your fellow passengers when exiting your row for a quick bathroom break
  • Again, if flying, be aware of those prolonged times where you may not be allowed to leave your seat. Plan bathroom breaks accordingly just before takeoff and just before landing;
  • If you are driving, again plan ahead, and investigate the rest areas along your driving route. This will allow you to plan accordingly for bathroom breaks before those long stretches of highway where there are no restrooms available;
  • Prepare with extra clothes extra products and extra plastic bags so you're ready for that unexpected schedule change that doesn't allow for bathroom breaks.

Being prepared for all scenarios will help alleviate some of the anxiety that goes along with travel.

That's how I see it as an expert on incontinence, but I also recommend you reach out to your doctor for more details or go to google and type in 'travelling incontinence' for more details. Thanks for watching."

Recommended products to take on the road

Our brands are chosen because of their outstanding construction, unbeatable absorbency, first-rate odour control, overall capacity to contain leaks and their ability to be good to your skin.

Consider both disposable or washable options; whatever you need, we'll deliver to wherever you need the products in Canada. Some options to consider:

Pads, Liners, Guards or Shields for light incontinence protection

Pads, Liners, Guards & Shields for light incontinence protection

A number of pads are designed for women whose incontinence causes them to experience the loss of small to moderate amounts of urine during every day activities. Typically hour-glass shaped, these offer better protection against bladder leaks than menstrual pads.

For men, consider underwear guards and shields help with light incontinence. Men's products also have an adhesive strip to anchor the product inside snug knitted underwear, a waterproof backing to prevent leakage, and a pad containing gel-forming polymer, anatomically designed to provide protection where guys need it the most.

Options for older children

Super absorbent leakage protection keeps kids and beds dry. Let your child enjoy holiday sleepovers with family and friends without fear of leaks.

SleepOvers Youth Pants

SleepOvers Youth Pants - disposable underwear for older kids - 3 sizes

One of our most popular products, SleepOvers Youth Pants from Prevail are designed to meet the needs of older children with nighttime incontinence episodes. For children / teens from 38 - 140 pounds, SleepOvers Youth Pants are available in 3 sizes.

Comfees Premium Dri-Nite Juniors Youth Pants

Comfees Premium Dri-Nite Juniors Youth Pants

From the Comfees brand, DriNite Juniors Premium Youth Pants provide nighttime wetness protection for older children when needed. Designed for children / teens from 38-125 pounds, Comfees are available in 3 sizes. 

Comfees DriNite Youth Pants are perfect for long nights and feature a super-dry core that helps protect your child through the duration of the night.

Comfees develops products which help address the unique concerns and requirements of individuals with special needs.

Disposable Booster Pads to "boost" Absorbency

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads offer added protection to any disposable undergarment. These Booster Pads are intended to be used with another disposable product to 'boost' absorbency.

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads in Mini, Regular and Super sizes are long and thin in shape for bladder incontinence to protect against urine leakage.

For added protection and containment of bowel or fecal incontinence, have a look at the Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads, which offer an hourglass shape to provide a wider absorbent area.

Chair pads to protect wheelchairs, plane, train and car seats

Washable options

Washable chair pads reduce incontinence travel stress

Disposable options

Disposable Bed pads and chair pads to help manage incontinence

Take the stress out of leaks while visiting family or staying with friends. Bed pads and chair pads can provide discreet, absorbent leakage protection when away from home.

These pads protect your furniture and mattress while they help you to sleep comfortably all night long. Choose from our broad selection of bed or chair pads and experience your liberty. Save time, money - and furniture!

Get in the swim!

Today's textiles offer amazing options for those who love to travel but worry about incontinence. We carry both washable and disposable swimwear options in a full range of sizes - from kids through youth and adults.

Incontinence Swimwear: Washable and Disposable Swim Briefs and Shorts

Incontinence Swimwear: Washable Swim Briefs

You have choices - the SOS discreet brief or quality disposables that you wear under your favourite bathing suit.

Swimmates Disposable Swimwear from Tranquility

Now - go jump in that pool (or ocean or lake or pond or...)!

Cleaning up on the road

Cleansing and Skin Care options

It can be a challenge to keep to a regular bathing when traveling; you face long stretches where you're sticky and overheated or chilled and desperate for a hot bath or shower. To manage clean ups in between bathing stops, consider our cleaning and skin care options, including TENA's range of washcloths:

TENA disposable Washcloths in 3 formulas

Don't let incontinence isolate you over the holidays

Know that you have a lot of options so you needn't feel isolated at this, or any time of year. Please do get out, be merry, and get involved in the lovely whirl of the holidays with friends and family.

Happy Holidays, from all of us to you and yours.

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