Tips for travelling with incontinence

Out and about on the holidays? Advance preparation tips to increase your enjoyment 

  • Increase your "staying power" with Tranquility Booster Pads used with any disposable brief or underwear to provide extra absorption.
  • Carry your prescription medicines or products for constipation, vomiting or diarrhea and keep them in their original packaging.
  • Book seats on the aisle, near a toilet or near the front of the bus / plane where you can exit quickly.
  • Bring (or send ahead) extra incontinence supplies for unexpected delays.
  • Choose clothes in dark colours (to disguise any leakage) that are easy to remove and comfortable to wear (elastic waists, track pants or longer, loose-fitting tops).
  • Take a small toilet bag in your carry-on bag, plus a change of clothing. Disposable wipes are handy generally and especially good for fecal incontinence. 
  • Drink plenty of ‘good' fluids (water is best). Don't be tempted to cut down on fluids to reduce urine leakage as it can actually make things worse.
  • Avoid bladder irritants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate drinks, fizzy soft drinks and sports drinks. Spicy or acidic foods are best avoided too.

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Watch this video for more tips on travelling with a parent with incontinence

(5 minutes, 17 seconds)