Can I travel post-stroke? You bet you can!

Can I travel post-stroke? You bet you can!

“I’ve had a stroke, now I have incontinence, I’m just going to stay home.”


Don’t even think that way, because you don’t have to. You can reclaim your life and travel; it will just be different.

“Strokes survivors can travel anywhere, it just takes planning,” says Barbara Moore, Community Coordinator at Linking Survivors with Survivors. “I know stroke survivors who are constantly on the go, travelling across Canada, Alaska and Europe. It just takes a different way of approaching your travel plans.”

You know your limits, and with the proper comfort and incontinence protection - disposable or washable options like pads or liners, underwear and wipes - the road is yours.

Stroke Recovery Canada® – a March of Dimes Canada program

One of the amazing things about the Linking Survivors with Survivors program is how it connects you across the country with other survivors, gyms that are equipped with stroke-friendly physical fitness facilities and so much more.

Stay Connected - no worries

If you are in a new location, Stroke Recovery Canada helps you out, linking you to other caregivers or services that you might require. It is all about helping you to connect and re-embracing your life.

Plan ahead

When you are planning your trip, think ahead. Just like you may plan your medication, plan as well for any incontinence needs.

Isolation is not the new normal

Don’t make isolation a part of surviving your stroke, think of it as the new normal. Incontinence may not be forever, and don’t let it stop you from enjoying your busy, travelling life. Get connected, get protected, and get on with it all.


Barbara Moore is a Community Coordinator with the Linking Survivors with Survivors Program at the March of Dimes Canada. She loves her job and the work she does in the community. Watch this space as she will share more experiences working with stroke survivors in future blog posts with MyLiberty.Life.

About the Stroke Recovery Canada® – One of Canada’s best keep secrets, the Stroke Recovery Program has been working in communities across Canada for more than 60 years. Supported by March of Dimes Canada, Stroke Recovery Canada is a completely volunteer-led program, that provides information for stroke survivors, their family members, caregivers and friends. You can call for information at the Stroke Recovery Canada® Warmline (1-888-540-6666).

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