What Does Double Padding Mean for Incontinence?

What Does Double Padding Mean for Incontinence?

Double padding can double your protection - or double your risk

It certainly sounds like a good idea: You expect bladder or fecal leak to be heavy, so you add an extra layer of protection by putting a pad inside a adult diaper (briefs) or inside protective underwear.

Often individuals feel insecure about their incontinence, especially when it comes to embarrassing leakage and odours. They may believe that double padding will provide them extra protection.

Quality beats quantity

The reality is that using one better quality incontinence product manages care more comfortably and cost-effectively than two or more lighter products layered together.

With products on the shelf that can hold up to 40 ounces of liquid, some might argue you should never have to do that at all. But we understand the realities of life. Sometimes you just want a little extra protection. A little peace of mind.

There is a right way and wrong way to approach this. 

The risks of double padding

Double padding, the practice of applying an “extra” or light pad inside an individual’s absorbent product can increase the risk for unnecessary discomfort and skin irritation.

There are serious outcomes if you just use any old pads

Wetness against the skin

If the amount voided exceeds the capacity of the inner “extra” pad, moisture will not be wicked away from the skin.

The protective backing of the “extra” pad obstructs the absorption of urine into the core of the outer brief layer. The resulting overflow creates leakage in the leg area, holding moisture against the skin.

The extra pad also interferes with the wetness indicator on the outer brief. It may not turn colour to indicate the product is soiled and needs to be checked.

Pressure ulcers

The bulk from layering two products causes pressure and friction against the skin and underlying tissues. Moisture and wetness trapped within the product layers overhydrates/macerates the skin. Both are risk factors contributing to skin breakdown.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Wetness that is trapped between the layers and not absorbed properly can lead to bacterial growth increasing risk of infections.

Leakage and odour

As the extra pad interferes with urine absorption into the brief’s specially constructed core, the resulting leakage can create a noticeable odour.

Friction and skin irritation

...can be caused by the extra bulk double-padding creates in the groin area.

Don’t double up with the wrong product

Here’s why. Pads designed to be used alone have an absorbent side and a plastic, moisture-barrier side.

Underwear liners, pads, guards or shields for men and women

If you use a regular pad, it will soon overflow as the moisture barrier prevents it from soaking through to the adult diaper.

That could result in an unexpected mess. And nothing is worse than a surprise when you least expect it.

Also, if you have a diaper that changes colour to indicate when it’s wet, this unusual moisture loading may result in a false reading. The diaper may need to be changed but you don't because the indicator never lies, right?

The bottom line

Double padding is never necessary for adequate containment. Properly fitting, thinner profiled, absorbent products are available in a wide selection of styles, sizes and absorbencies to suit each individual’s needs for comfort, dignity and
leakage security.

Try to purchase products that can contain the amount of urine you expect to lose. At My Liberty, we’ve developed a handy Total Capacity Rating for our products that tells you exactly how much liquid our products hold.

Or, try Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads

Tranquility Booster Pads

If you must use extra insurance during an outing or travel, make sure it allows urine to flow through to the adult diaper. Our Tranquility Top Liner Unisex Booster Pads and Booster Contours, for example, may be just what you need.

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads offer added protection to any disposable undergarment. These Booster Pads are intended to be used with another disposable product to 'boost' absorbency. 

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads in Mini, Regular and Super sizes are long and thin to protect against urine leakage.

For added protection and containment of bowel or fecal incontinence, have a look at the Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads, which offer an hourglass shape to provide a wider absorbent area.

Remember, healthier skin means a healthier you!

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