Bestselling All-Star Incontinence Protection Products of 2017

Bestselling All-Star Incontinence Protection Products of 2017

It's all about the Underwear, Briefs / Diapers and Swim Briefs!

Why present our Top 10 All-Star Products of 2017? Because this year's best sellers have proven themselves to be winners, solutions that work well for a lot of Canadians - men, women, teens and kids - navigating life with incontinence.

Four big themes emerged - Canadians are looking for solutions for all ages and circumstances:

  1. Underwear whether they be protective and effective disposable options or absorbent and comfortable washable underwear;
  2. Briefs or diapers that perform, while offering discretion and comfort; and
  3. Swim wear that give people the confidence to get back in the pool.

This year's winners from are from quality brands including Aniva, TENA, Tranquillity, SleepOvers from Prevail, SOSecure, and Conni.

Have a look! Who knows, perhaps you’ll find an even better fit than what you've tried before, or options you hadn't even considered. And without further delay, here they are!


1.  Aniva Protective Underwear Regular Plus

Aniva Protective Underwear Regular PlusPopular for teens and active seniors, this underwear has a Total Capacity Rating of Heavy and is available in sizes from 26" to 60" waists. This protective incontinence product fits like regular underwear but with an ability to prevent leaks and messes. Simply pull them on and get on with your day! Designed for both men and women, they feature a lower waist band for comfort and a “no-show” look. Coloured stitching makes it easy to distinguish the front from the back, a gel core helps with odour control and a double-protection leg band helps protect your clothing—and your dignity.


2.  TENA Small Briefs in Youth, Slip Maxi  and Small sizes

TENA Youth and Maxi Slip BriefsYou will be shocked at how thin these remarkable briefs are. They sport a Total Capacity Rating of Moderate (holds up to 24 ounces) and are meant for smaller sizes, including Youth (waist/hip sizes: 17”-29”); Slip Maxi (one size, waist/hip sizes: 21"-34") and Small (waist/hip sizes: 22"-34"). These products provide a comfortable, secure and discreet solution for even the smallest users. And for the caregiver, the briefs are easy to apply and change. Users will appreciate the skin-caring system to improve surface dryness and promote healthy skin while reducing leakage and the Dry-Fast Dual Core technology that rapidly wicks fluid away from sensitive skin. 


3.  Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

If you are looking for peace of mind and freedom from leaks, look no further. Available in sizes from 17" up to 82" waists and made for women, men and kids, these products have a Total Capacity Rating of Moderate to Maximum. The Tranquility Peach Mat guarantees drier, healthier skin and greatly reduced odour. With the trim look of regular underwear, breathable fabric and an ample, full-rise waist panel, these take comfort to a new level. The generous stretch works well with extended tummies.


4.  SleepOvers Youth Pants: Overnight Protection

You get happy mornings with SleepOvers Youth Pants, designed to meet the needs of older children with nighttime incontinence episodes. Super absorbent leakage protection keeps kids and beds dry. It is a transitional product, still working with weight instead of waist size. Available for kids from 38 to 140 pounds, delivering Total Capacity Rating from Moderate to Maximum, depending on the size. Not bulky due to the 150% more elastic strands from top to bottom. 


5.  Tranquility SlimLine Original Briefs

Tranquility SlimLine Original BriefsTranquility products are designed with premium technology to provide solutions for not only product users, but also for the people who provide care. The popularity of this product shows they are on the right track. Available for children, youth, women and men in sizes from Junior through XL, SlimLine Originals  offer unsurpassed performance in the areas of skin dryness, odour reduction, urine pH neutralization and the inhibition of bacterial growth. This latex-free product gives you the ability to pursue your daily activities with confidence. 


6.  SOSecure Containment Swim Brief

So popular with swimmers of all ages! These briefs fit tight to the skin, are worn under your bathing suit and meet the demands of the strictest public pool rules for containment. Created by a Canadian mom desperate for a good solution, SOSecure Swim Briefs appeal to kids, men and women wanting to avoid embarrassing moments. Budget-worthy, reusable, washable and long lasting - get your tape measure out!


 7. Conni Women's Active Underwear

Conni Women's Active Underwear The Actives are flying off the shelves! It is impossible to distinguish these washable, absorbent, hipster cut panties from others you already have. Soft, stretchy and discreet, Conni Active Underwear can hold up to 14 ounces of fluid! Designed for light urine loss or light bladder leakage, for postnatal support, sports and light menstruation. Modern textile technology is the secret to the capacity - and you will be thrilled to have them. Ideal for so many situations - sports, travel, transitioning to incontinence products and many more.


8. Conni Men's Oscar Boxer Briefs

Conni Men's Oscar Boxer Briefs Waterproof, breathable, absorbent, and reusable Men's Conni Oscar boxer briefs are designed to absorb and protect. Four-layer protection, from the front waistband all the way to back waistband. Slim, fashionable and discreet, they are suitable for light incontinence and excessive perspiration, providing confidence for every-day life, sportswear or post-surgery use. Light weight and suitable for light-urine loss or an overactive bladder. Machine washable and dryer safe. Absorbs up to 12 fluid ounces over four hours. Comfortable, effective, and look and feel like regular underwear.


9. Conni Kids Tackers Unisex Underwear

Conni Kids Tackers Unisex UnderwearConni Kids Tackers are waterproof, breathable, absorbent and reusable underwear for kids that are designed to absorb and protect. Comfortable and effective -- and they look and feel like regular underwear, even with 4-layer protection from waistband to waistband. Discreet, soft, comfortable and quiet, these underwear are designed for kids' light bladder leakage, or the 'little' accidents. For the younger set, they may be useful during day time potty training - perfect for catching small accidents while children transition to the up and down routine of normal underwear. Machine washable and dryer safe, Conni underwear can be re-used countless times.


10. Conni Women's Classic Underwear

Conni Women's Classic UnderwearConni Women's Classic Underwear feature Conni's 4 layer protection, from waistband to waistband. Offering a higher, above-the-hip waistline than the Active (our #7 above), the Classic feature a semi boy leg and generous hips fit. Slim, fashionable and discreet, these underwear are suitable for light incontinence and excessive perspiration, providing confidence for every-day life, sports or post-surgery use. Lightweight and easy to use, machine washable and dryer safe.


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