Celebrate Canadian Creativity

Celebrate Canadian Creativity

Meet our Made in Canada crew!

Did you know that we Canucks invented a whole stack of critical things like the Wonderbra, the pacemaker and the electric wheelchair? Go Canada!

Since MyLiberty's own creation on a glorious summer day four years ago, we've had the great pleasure of meeting several Canadian creators of creative, quality incontinence products.

So, as we celebrate Canada's birthday (aka July, that glorious month which causes Canadians to have collective amnesia about our many dark, cold months) My Liberty wants to highlight our "Made in Canada" crew of solution creators. Have a look!


PeapodMats: Washable, Waterproof Bed Wetting Incontinence Mats

PeapodMats: Washable, Waterproof Bed Wetting Incontinence Mats

Two Vancouver moms were each on the hunt for a good quality, re-usable, waterproof mat for toddlers and older children. Something to manage bed wetting and also easy for them as parents, to manage. And thus PeapodMats was born!

By using a soft, breathable cotton on one side and a waterproof coating to protect furniture, they created a comfy, breathable, eco-friendly mat that works. Did we mention the gorgeous colours to choose from?

PeapodMats: Washable, Waterproof Bed Wetting Incontinence Mats


PeapodMats come in 3 sizes that fit either beds or chairs.

SOSecure Containment Swim Briefs logo

SOSecure Containment Swim Briefs

Also the invention of a West Coast Canadian mom, SOSecure™ Containment Swim Briefs (also known as a swim diaper) is an innovative design that is practical, durable and comfortable. Meant to fit snugly under a swimsuit, it is specifically designed for bowel containment, but can also be used for limited urinary incontinence.

SOSecure Containment Swim Brief for Adults, Youth & Kids

SOSecure Containment reusable Swim Brief was reviewed by the National Association for Continence (NAFC) for inclusion in their Resource Guide.


Wearever Canada absorbent underwear

Wearever Canada Absorbent Underwear

Wearever Canada washable, absorbent underwear can absorb a remarkable amount giving you the confidence to get on with life. Wearever Canada offers underwear that ranges from Slight to Moderate absorbency - up to 20 oz. - an appealing option to disposable underwear.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for women

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for Women or Men

No other manufacturer of washable products offers these levels of absorbency. All Wearever Canada underwear is soft with built-in antimicrobial padding and a waterproof outer layer.

Wearever Canada absorbent underwear for Men


Wash before wearing for the first time to release the absorbency magic. Have a look and be impressed!


TENA logo

TENA Canada: disposable underwear, pads & guards, briefs (adult diapers) and skincare

Find the freedom you deserve! TENA understands what it's like to live with the "Unexpected Leak". Their proven personal care system is designed with every need in mind - offering faster absorption, advanced odour protection and peace of mind - so you can live life fearlessly.

TENA Canada products for Women, Men & Kids

My Liberty carries a wide range TENA Canada products for women, men and kids.


We've got you covered Canada!

We're proud to highlight these great Canadian creations, and hope you'll consider supporting them too!

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