MyLiberty.Life makes subscriptions for incontinence products easy

MyLiberty.Life makes subscriptions for incontinence products easy

Reprinted from the Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Sun, and the London Free Press
By Izabela Szydlo, Postmedia Content Works

Ottawa Citizen article: "MyLiberty.Life makes subscriptions for incontinence products easy"

After a day of juggling working from home with caring for her special needs teenager, a mom struggles to get the 15-year-old into a pair of pull-ups for bedtime.

She notices that she is almost out of pull-ups, which barely fit her teen anyway. She dreads trying to figure out what to buy next and where to find the appropriate incontinence product.

MyLiberty.Life helps busy people take the worry out of finding the incontinence product they need. Not only does the company carry a specially curated, yet wide ranging, collection of trusted incontinence brands, it also offers a subscription service that removes the guesswork.

“Nearly every day, we hear from frustrated or overwhelmed parents who can’t find the  right incontinence product for their child to grow into,” says Cindy Clegg, MyLiberty.Life’s president.

Finding diapers and underwear for special needs children can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Because we know parents of special needs kids have a lot to do, in addition to helping them understand their child’s requirements, our reliable subscription service ensures they have one less thing to worry about.”

Available to all customers of MyLiberty.Life — which also carries adult diapers and briefs, swimwear, training pants, protective underwear, bed and chair pads, liners and guards — the subscription service simplifies obtaining incontinence supplies.

Facebook via Ottawa Citizen: MyLiberty.Life makes subscriptions for incontinence products easy

Subscribers save five per cent on scheduled reorders all year long, and can customize their orders. For example, deliveries can be scheduled every couple of weeks or months, products can be sent to homes or schools, and supplementary products, such as wipes, can be added.

“People really love the convenience of it,” says Clegg. “They can trust that the manufacturers we carry offer highly absorbent products with low odour factors and high skin-protecting factors.

Also, we created a free Parent’s Guides for special needs children and for bed wetters to help make informed decisions on what to buy.”

Once an order is placed, MyLiberty.Life schedules the delivery, but continues to offer flexibility; three days before that date, customers receive an email that invites them to make any changes to the delivery date, size, product and quantity.

Clegg says it’s important, especially during times such as the pandemic, that customers have complete control over their orders.

Facebook via Ottawa Citizen: MyLiberty.Life makes subscriptions for incontinence products easy

“These are challenging times, and we know that once parents find the right product, life in this area gets a lot simpler,” says Clegg. “We are here to help.”

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