Bestselling All-Star Incontinence Protection Products of 2020

Bestselling All-Star Incontinence Protection Products of 2020

Thank you for your support during this very challenging year.

As we look back on 2020 when COVID-19 overran all of our thoughts, actions and purchases, we thank you all for your continued enthusiasm for the products we carry.

We've prepared our annual round up of best sellers, and are pleased to announce that this year brought a dramatic increase in the number of people buying the innovative, washable PeapodMats bed wetting mats, created by our fellow Canadians.

2020 saw many changes in how our customers approached their incontinence purchases, including a surge in subscription sign-ups and strong interest in buying medical-grade gloves and personal skin care and wipes.

More than ever, many customers are assuming the direct care for an elderly parent - combined with ongoing pandemic response, we saw greater numbers of sales of disposable protective underwear and adult diapers.

Five Brands Bring Our Most Popular Products

The 2020 top brand winners are from well-known companies including PeapodMats washable absorbent bed wetting mats, TENA disposables, Tranquility premium disposables, Sleepovers Youth Pants, overnight protection for older children, and Aniva disposables.

1. PeapodMats Washable Waterproof bed wetting mats 

PeapodMats washable waterproof bed wetting mats

The #1 Best Seller for 2020 is a selection of washable, soft bed pads and chair pads that are easy to use, wash and reuse.

Dragon's Den found them first and has helped bring this perfect bed wetting solution for all ages to Canadians. The PeapodMats creators - Vancouver-based Amanda and Liz - were two moms looking for a good quality, re-usable waterproof mat to be as breathable and green as possible. 

It would appear our customers agree - read these two five star reviews:

"Work great, are comfortable, wash and dry well in regular machines and have stood up to dozen's of washings with minimal wear. They stay in place on the bed well enough for our needs."

"These are so much better than changing the huge mattress pad! Very convenient, easy to wash and long-lasting. I've washed them so many times over the last several months, sometimes 3-4x/week, and they have held up extremely well." 

By using a soft breathable cotton and and a special coating for waterproofing, these two women achieved their goal!

2. TENA Briefs Super Absorbency Adult Diapers

TENA Briefs Super Absorbency

With maximum incontinence protection, nighttime or extended wear, TENA Super Absorbency Briefs took off as the most popular adult diaper.

It offers comfortable, curved-elastic incontinence protection. The brief improves your skin's surface dryness and promotes healthier skin.

It feels soft against the skin and has ConfioAir breathable technology which allows humidity to evaporate - keeping the skin's natural moisture balance to avoid rashes and UTIs. Hook fasteners promote easy handling and unlimited refastening.

5 star review - TENA Briefs Super Absorbency Adult Diapers

3. TENA Small Briefs: ProSkin Plus XS

TENA Small Briefs: ProSkin Plus XS (formerly Youth), Slip Maxi or Small

Always a best seller for My Liberty, these adult diapers are ideal for children and teens for day and overnight wear. The new and improved TENA ProSkin XS now have ConfioAir 100% breathable technology to allow humidity to evaporate to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance for healthier skin.

The soft backsheet is gentle on the skin and less noisy for improved comfort and greater dignity. They sport a Total Capacity Rating of Moderate (holds up to 24 ounces) and are meant for smaller sizes, including ProSkin XS (waist/hip 17”-29”); Slip Maxi (waist/hip 21"-34") and Small (waist/hip 22"-34").

The hook fasteners promote easy handling and unlimited refastening. 

5 star review - TENA Small Briefs in XS, Slip Maxi Small and Small - adult diapers for older children

4. Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

Tranquility Overnight Underwear

One of My Liberty's most popular items year after year, Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear brings you peace of mind and freedom from leaks.

Available in sizes from 17" up to 82" waists and made for women, men and kids, Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear have a Total Capacity Rating of Moderate to Maximum.

The Tranquility Peach Mat guarantees drier, healthier skin and greatly reduced odour. With the trim look of regular underwear, breathable fabric and an ample, full-rise waist panel, these take comfort to a new level. The generous stretch works well with extended tummies, too.

5 star review - Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

5. TENA Extra Protective Underwear

TENA Extra protective underwear

New to the Best Seller list this year, TENA Extra Protective Underwear

features breathability that underlines comfort and coolness for this classic, gender-neutral product. 

This underwear has full coverage and extra security with a design that moves with the body for better fit and greater dignity.

It feels as comfortable as underwear. It has hit a note with hundreds of buyers looking for the right solution to daily protective underwear.

6. Tranquility All-Through-The-Night (ATN) Briefs

Tranquility All-Through-the-Night (ATN) Briefs

Tranquility All-Through-the-Night (ATN) Briefs, a quality brand re-appears on the My Liberty best seller list  - for good reason! With ATNs, you get maximum capacity in a disposable incontinence adult diaper.

Sleep through the night without changing, worrying about leakage or compromising your skin health. Sized to fit from X-Small to X-Large, the ATN is backed by the Peach Mat Guarantee of unsurpassed overall performance in the areas of skin dryness, odour reduction, urine pH neutralization and the Inhibition of bacterial growth.

This product that delivers a good night's sleep for everyone.

 7. Sleepovers Overnight for Older Children

SLeepovers Youth Pants

Sleepovers with overnight protection is always a best seller! For children and teens from 38-140 pounds or 17-65 kgs, this disposable protective underwear designed for the needs of older children with nighttime incontinence episodes.

Super absorbent leakage protection keeps kids and beds dry. Not bulky due to the 150% more elastic strands from top to bottom.

5 star review - SleepOvers Youth Pants Overnight Protection

8. TENA Comfort Pads

TENA Comfort Pads

Another new item for the Best Seller list, but long a popular product for our customers. Surprisingly, TENA Comfort Pads are as absorbent as protective underwear or a diaper.

For many customers, they feel more secure wearing a pad instead of a full garment and prefer the discretion provided.

These pads come in a variety of absorbencies and quickly lock liquid for increased performance. They can be worn for day or overnight for moderate bladder leakage. 

9. TENA Underwear Overnight Super

TENA Overnight Super

For the first time, the TENA Underwear for Overnight in Super strength made the My Liberty Best Seller list.

This is TENA's highest absorbency protective underwear, with protection against leaks, odour and moisture to help wearers stay dry, secure and confident. Made with ConfioAir™ 100% Breathable Technology, which allows humidity to evaporate to maintain skin natural moisture balance.

Lie-down protection for worry-free nights (and days)!  

10. Aniva Protective Underwear

Aniva Protective Underwear

A customer favourite! Popular for all ages, Aniva Protective Underwear has a Total Capacity Rating of Heavy and is available in sizes from 26" to 60" waists.

This protective incontinence product fits like regular underwear but with an ability to prevent leaks and messes.

Designed for both men and women, they feature a lower waist band for comfort and a “no-show” look. Coloured stitching makes it easy to distinguish the front from the back. A gel core helps with odour control and a double-protection leg band helps protect your clothing—and your dignity. A wise choice offering great value.

5 star review - Aniva Protective Underwear

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