What Top Questions Are Customers Asking?

What Top Questions Are Customers Asking?

Size, style and level of protection

There are a lot of factors that influence the type of disposable absorbent incontinence product you choose.

Individuals and families should consider the most appropriate size, style and level of protection to meet the unique needs of each person.

Use a measuring to ensure the best fit

The curated product collections found at My Liberty are designed to handle multiple urinary episodes, while keeping delicate skin dry - whether the need is for a small pad to manage a few drops or a more absorbent adult diaper to handle larger volumes or uncontrolled urine loss.

To help you choose, we've done a round up of the Top Questions and Answers from 2022:

1. How do absorbent incontinence products work?

When urine is passed, absorbent products quickly wick it away from the skin. The urine is drawn down through the absorbent top core to keep the surface dry, and then into the bottom core.

The bottom is designed with polymers to turn the urine into a gel to prevent any leakage from coming back into contact with the skin.

2. Why is proper sizing so important?

The size of a pullup disposable underwear or a adult diaper does not necessarily reflect how much it can absorb.

If your underwear or adult diaper is too big for you, it will not fit close to the body. Along with sagging, the diaper or underwear will leak.

There is a greater opportunity for skin irritation – and a loss of dignity. Properly-fitting absorbent products encourage the fluid to absorb evenly, will help prevent leakage and be more comfortable to wear.

Correct fit for adult diapers

How to measure to determine the best fit for you

Measurements needed to order the correct size

3. What is a wetness indicator?

The wetness indicator - a strip found on some adult diapers and underwear - see image below:

Wetness indicators on disposable briefs and underwear

is on the product itself - a guide to show that urine has been passed – and it should be monitored - so you know how much has passed.

This does not mean that it is “full”. There is still enough absorbent capacity left in the product to help maintain dryness for extended wear situations like car travel or to allow for a few extra hours of restorative, undisturbed sleep.

However, if a bowel movement is present, the product should always be changed right away.

4. What is an overnight or nighttime product?

Overnight or nighttime protection disposable briefs and underwear

These products are designed to absorb more than one urinary void, so they have added absorbency and are meant to keep a person dry and comfortable over longer periods of time – especially at night.

If the product absorbs more than one void, it will help the wearer sleep through the night. And a better sleep brings all kinds of benefits...

5. What is more important – cost of a bag or case of product or the “total cost of use”?

Shoppers tend to look for the lowest price bag of products - and while on the surface, this might appear to be the most economical solution, it often results in higher number of lower absorbency incontinence products used per day.

The result? You go through more products to make up for inferior product performance - and you end up costing yourself more on frequency of purchase.

My Liberty has found the most cost-effective solution in managing incontinence comes with using more technologically advanced, higher absorbency products found in our curated collections.

6. Is it true? Are there tax breaks available related to buying adult diapers or protective underwear?

It's TRUE! We've explained it for you here, and explained why you should hang onto those receipts for tax time.

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