Latest best sellers: Adult diapers and protective underwear

Latest best sellers: Adult diapers and protective underwear

Given 2022's money challenges, we're not surprised to see our excellent value brands, Molicare and Attends, achieving best seller status

Molicare and Attends joined long-time best sellers Tranquility Premium and the well-known TENA brand.

In addition to our consumers who love our free Save 5% Subscription Service, in 2022 we continued to hear from many provincial case workers looking for affordable incontinence solutions for their clients.

Our direct insurance billing arrangements make this convenient for folks with already challenging schedules.

In the spirit of stretching dollars, remember that all these best sellers qualify for tax relief as recognized medical expenses by CRA.


Which products were the most popular? 

1. TENA Small Briefs: Adult Diapers for Kids in 3 Sizes

TENA Small Briefs: Adult Diapers for Kids in 3 Sizes

TENA's line of adult diapers designed for older children who've outgrown toddler sizes (yet are too small for adult products), continue in the lead as our leading best selling line. Available in three sizes, to make sure your child gets the best fit:

  1. ProsSkin Slip Maxi Brief fits 21"-34" (52-86 cm) waist / hip
  2. Small Brief fits 22"-36" (56-91 cm) waist / hip
  3. ProSkin Plus XS (formerly Youth) Brief fits 17”-29” (43-74 cm) waist / hip

Measure your child at the waist and hip, and then choose the larger number to ensure the best fit.

5 star review - TENA Small Briefs: ProSkin XS, ProSkin Slip Maxi Small and Small

2. TENA ProSkin Stretch Briefs in Ultra and Super Absorbency

TENA ProSkin Stretch Briefs in Ultra and Super Absorbency

Nighttime checking and changing can disrupt already-broken sleep. TENA Stretch Super Briefs offer TENA's highest level of absorbency for maximum incontinence protection, nighttime or extended wear protection and an adult diaper style.

These best selling adult diapers feature TENA's ConfioAir 100% Fully Breathable Technology, single panel stretch side fastener and InstaDri Skin-Caring System technology for excellent dryness and odor control.

TENA's ProSkin Stretch Briefs in Ultra vs Super Absorbency offer triple protection for dryness, softness and leakage security to help manage skin wetness by reducing moisture levels on the skin.

Note that the Stretch briefs are available in bariatric (3XL) sizing that fit waist / hip measurements of 69"-96" or 175-244cm.

3. Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

Tranquility Overnight Underwear

One of My Liberty's most popular items year after year, Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear brings you peace of mind and freedom from leaks.

Available in waist / hip sizes starting from 17" up to 82" thus made for kids, women and men, Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear have a Total Capacity Rating of Moderate to Maximum.

The Tranquility Peach Mat guarantees drier, healthier skin and greatly reduced odour. With the trim look of regular underwear, breathable fabric and an ample, full-rise waist panel, these take comfort to a new level. 

The generous stretch works well with extended tummies, too.

5 star review - Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

4. MoliCare Premium Mobile Disposable Underwear

Molicare Premium Mobile Disposable Underwear

Molicare Mobile disposable underwear is a favourite with its high absorbency in an underwear style. This skin-friendly option offers inner leg cuffs for heavy to very heavy incontinence.

Molicare underwear is suitable for urinary and fecal incontinence - and provides the wearer with security because of its design for fast fluid absorption. These are popular with customers who are mobile or semi-mobile, delivering optimal leak protection in two different absorbency levels - and at an excellent price. 

5. Attends Bariatric Protective Underwear in XXL and XXXLAttends Bariatric Underwear in 2XL and 3XLIncontinence has many challenges without having to find a good fit. Attends is meeting the needs of our customers because these confidently fit up to 92" waists.

Attends is a high quality premium product made to fit larger bodies and manage heavy or severe bladder and bowel incontinence. If you are on the hunt for an effective, well priced answer to a larger challenge - consider Attends Bariatric Underwear. 

6. TENA ProSkin Overnight Super Protective Underwear

TENA ProSkin Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear

TENA ProSkin Overnight Super Protective Underwear has also been reformulated as a ProSkin product. The specially designed core for overnight "Lie Down Protection" delivers absorbency where you need it most.

This helps wick moisture away from the skin surface while using ConfioAir breathable technology to help maintain skin’s natural moisture balance.

This is TENA's most absorbent disposable underwear offering protection against leaks, odour and moisture to help wearers stay dry, secure and confident. Made with TENA's ConfioAir 100% breathable technology that allows humidity to evaporate to maintain skin natural moisture balance.

Lie-down protection for worry-free nights (and days)! 

7. TENA Washcloths: Classic, Ultra, or Ultra Scent-Free Wipes 

TENA ProSkin Washcloths: Classic, Ultra, or Ultra Scent-Free Wipes

TENA ProSkin Washcloths are available ProSkin in three formations: Classic, Ultra Skin Moisturizing or Ultra Scent Free. These pre-moistened wipes offer for gentle, effective cleansing, are safe and convenient for waterless bathing or skin cleansing anywhere on the body and are ideal for every day use.

Made with a soft, cloth-like material they are dermatologically tested, alcohol free, enriched with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E to help soothe fragile skin. The flip-lid packaging supports one-handed, hygienic dispensing.

8. TENA ProSkin Extra Protective Incontinence Underwear

TENA ProSkin Extra Protective Underwear

For moderate to heavy bladder leakage protection, TENA ProSkin Extra Protective Incontinence Underwear with ConfioAir 100% Breathable Technology allows humidity to evaporate to maintain skin natural moisture balance.

Offering a full range of sizes from Small through 2XL, fitting waist / hip sizes from 25" to 80" (64 to 203 cm). 

TENA's high absorbency protective disposable underwear, with protection against leaks, odour and moisture for help wearers stay dry, secure and confident. 

9. TENA ProSkin Super Incontinence Brief (Adult Diaper)

TENA ProSkin Super Incontinence Brief

Already an excellent nighttime or extended wear adult diaper, TENA Super Absorbency Briefs have been updated to ProSkin, featuring TENA's ConfioAir fully breathable technology – for fast absorption to help keep the skin dry and maintain the skin's natural moisture balance.

TENA ProSkin Super Incontinence adult diapers offer comfortable, curved-elastic incontinence protection. The brief improves your skin's surface dryness and promotes healthier skin.

It feels soft against the skin and the ConfioAir breathable technology allows humidity to evaporate - keeping the skin's natural moisture balance to avoid rashes and UTIs. Hook fasteners promote easy handling and unlimited refastening.

5 star review - TENA Briefs Super Absorbency Adult Diapers

10. Attends Supersorb Bariatric Premium Underpads

Do you have a larger overnight problem? Attends disposable Supersorb Bariatric bed pads could be the answer for you.

Many of our customers are using these 3 ft x 4.25 ft bed pads for super absorbency and a dry mattress every night. Extra weight can cause excessive pressure on the bladder which compound the challenges to a good night's sleep.

One of these under you every night guards against leakage to protect bedding and reduce the amount of daily laundry.

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