How to use ODSP Direct Pay to order monthly incontinence products from My Liberty

Use ODSP Direct Pay. No problem.

Are you an Ontario resident eligible for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits? Did you know about Direct Pay?

When you shop with My Liberty, we bill ODSP directly for your approved incontinence products. This means you will have no out-of-pocket expenses for your essential supplies!

It's confidential! Let's get you set up for ODSP Direct Pay.

Are you an ODSP client?

1. If you want My Liberty to provide your incontinence needs, we will ask for your client number, your caseworker's name and contact details so that we can arrange a quote, billing and payment set up. 

2. We can work with you to offer different products or stick with the ones you use now.

Are you looking for direct pay incontinence support from ODSP? There are a few steps...

My Liberty Preferred Guide to ODSP Direct Pay

1. Ask your ODSP caseworker for the "Mandatory Special Necessities" benefit form from the Ontario Ministry of
Children, Community and Social Services. Click this link for an example form (PDF) you can show them.

2. Get your doctor, nurse or other healthcare practitioner to fill in the details for incontinence supplies and sign it.

3. Contact us by email or call My Liberty toll free at 1-888-800-4356 for help on what products to use and for a quote for a monthly supply delivered to your door.

4. Return the signed form to your caseworker, while My Liberty sends over the quote for approval.

5. Following approval, we will process your order and invoice the Ontario government.

6. Important details for your caseworker - My Liberty's confidential email is

From now on, your incontinence supplies will arrive every month. The Ontario government pays the bill directly so you have one less thing to worry about.

At My Liberty, we truly care that you have the right products and the best solutions for your situation. Let's get started today with a toll free call to 1-888-800-4356.

Download your free copy MyLiberty's Preferred Guide to ODSP Pay Direct (PDF) so you can print it out at home.

For Ontario Caseworkers

If you have a client who is already approved for the Mandatory Special Necessities benefit, please email us to provide your approval for incontinence supplies. Please include your contact details and your client's shipping details to clarify where we will need to send products.

We will contact the client within one business day to confirm their monthly order and shipping details. The client's invoice will be submitted to your office by email monthly for payment.