About Us

MyLiberty.Life removes the worry from buying embarrassing incontinence products for bladder and bowel leakage. With our online store, we offer a private, confidential buying experience on line or by phone.

How do three Canadian women decide to start an incontinence ecommerce retail web site? It all started one sunny afternoon...read the story of MyLiberty.Life.

We have assembled the broadest assortment of disposable and washable products in Canada to help meet your needs.

MyLiberty.Life helps you select and buy incontinence products - for men, women and special needs children and teens - using videos, pictures and the best information possible.

Eliminate the hassle of managing bulky packages. We offer discreet packaging and home delivery. 

Where do I begin?

Incontinence products to manage bladder and bowel leaks are changing rapidly through research and science - giving you options you've never thought of before.

Get a handle on the big picture with our article that compares incontinence product categories for you.

How do I choose?

We've distilled it to 3 simple steps: "Help! I'm new to this!"

MyLiberty.Life guides you to incontinence products that go around your tummy, fit your bottom, absorb without bulk or telltale smells - and suit your lifestyle.

We carry brands like Depend, Poise and TENA that you see on TV and in magazines.

We also carry others you may not have seen – like Wearever CanadaPeapodMats from Vancouver, SOSecure Swim Briefs also from British Columbia, Rip n Go bedding from Ontario, Conni washables from Australia, Tranquility Premium Protection, Aniva, Molicare and Prevail.

These are the best of the best; state-of-the-art when it comes to important things such as discretion, skin protection, odour control, wicking properties and capacity (volume).

MyLiberty.life has put together collections of disposable underwear, briefs - also called diapers, swimwearpads or liners, men's guards and shieldscleansing and skin care solutions and bed or chair pads to protect your furniture and home.

Each product was selected to provide you with the best quality we can find, backed with product knowledge.

Can’t figure out what you need?

It's not easy when each manufacturer describes the features and benefits in a different way. My Liberty has taken the guess work away with our Total Capacity Rating product guide.

Disposable is not for you?

If you have a struggle with budget or creating more garbage, you must look into our Conni washables, PeapodMats and Rip n Go bedding collections. All bring easy and practical solutions for quick bedding changes with washable, absorbent reusable mats for chairs and all bed sizes including hospital beds and cribs.

The benefits of these incontinence products extend to aging in place, home care support, solutions for bed wetters, and for potty training toddlers. Conni and Wearever Canada's products include comfortable, fashionable, effective and washable underwear for men or women with light incontinence.

We even make it easier to buy with our worry-free automatic re-order option with delivery right to your door.

My Liberty's only goal is to make your life more comfortable: helping you find exactly what you need, simple, easy and discreet.

We provide a simple, easy and worry-free online shopping experience.

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